Morning Bonus Read – Year Ahead Star

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Welcome to the other side of the holidays! I sincerely hope you survived them mostly intact. Let’s take a moment this week to take a deep breath and look toward the new year with the following spread.

Year Ahead Tarot Spread using Stars & Moons Playing Cards by Trendy Spirit

Sunset: Lessons from your previous year

Ace of Clubs – You can only handle so many new projects at once, and sometimes you have to leave a few of them on the back burner in order to focus on what’s more important.

I had a lot of projects I wanted to explore and get to last year that I didn’t manage to get to.  The wood burning, some new pendant designs, and a few other things were all planned to be worked on over the spring and summer.  Instead, I found my hands full to the brim with self care… and everything else had to be set aside.  I had to learn how to be okay with that and let go of the stress that tried to rise up in setting those things aside for later.

Horizon: What you can expect in the next year.

Ace of Spades – Lots of new and potentially successful ideas.

I need to remember to write these down because otherwise I will begin to feel overwhelmed by how many of them I want to pursue and the worry that I will forget about them before I get the opportunity to explore them.

Obstacle: A challenge you’ll face this year.

Jack of Spades – Reevaluation of and a re-learning of how you deal with your ambitions and ideas.

There’s only so much time in each day, and only so many days in each week. At one time I used to spend the majority of my energy pursuing as many projects and ideas as possible, constantly on the run and pushing for more.  And to be fair, it’s possible to obtain a lot of knowledge through this process… it can also wear you down until you’re nothing but a pencil nub with no eraser.  It’s time to continue the journey of learning a better way.

Strength: How to harness your inner power.

Five of Diamonds – Scarcity issues.  That feather in the imagery of the card is very fitting with this theme, as it so often feels like security and stability are tenuous things, and like one small shift, one slight breeze, will whisk all that has been gained away.

Scarcity issues are something I deal with a lot, and when the rise up into the forefront, I become a working demon.  I duck my head and find inner reserves that one wouldn’t believe exist, and plow forward until I resolve that issue.  This is not something sustainable all the time, but it is something I can use during times with extra inner strength is needed.

 Advice: Lessons you learned last year.

Nine of Clubs – You can only do so much. This is a repeat of the sunset position in that in the Nine of Clubs imagery we see a universe hanging by delicate tendrils from a controlling hand above it.  It is a reminder of how much you can control, and how much you can take on.   That “how much” does not include “everything.

I learned how important it is to choose my battles, my projects, and my responsibilities wisely.  I can’t take on the world, or even everything that I’d like to take on.  So it’s important to make good choices, and leave room for my own self care.  Everything falls apart if you overwhelm myself with too much and don’t give myself the self care that is needed.

Navigation: Guidance for the year ahead.

Eight of Hearts atop Eight of Clubs –  When something isn’t working for you, don’t stick around and hope that it will get better.  Get your ass out of there and find something better that will work instead.  No hesitation.  No doubts.  Just do it.

Sometimes, when something isn’t working for me, I do hesitate.  Either because I hope it will come around and change, or through some of the self-destructive urges that I’ve battled with all my life that can at times turn into flirting with self-defeating behavior (among other things).  The cards here are saying that a better tact in the year ahead is to simply move on and find something that works better right away.  Don’t linger or try to wait it out.

Clarity: Your personal theme for the year.

Jack of Clubs – You can do it! There is an unlimited amount of potential before you.  All you need to do is choose a direction to explore… and start exploring.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Year Ahead Star

  1. Looks like this is all about organizing your thoughts and ideas for new projects, yeah? Not beating yourself up for those you didn’t get around to and needing to discard the ones that aren’t worth your time pursuing.

    I love you, man. You’ll get it together

    Liked by 1 person

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