Morning Bonus Read – A New Month

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
“This month I want us to focus on our goals. I thought this would be a great tarot spread for the rest of this month :)”

Tarot of Light and ShadowYou at the beginning of this month.
Ace of Serpents atop Eight of Cups

At the beginning of this month you were preparing for the holiday rush and all of the bounty that I was hoping would drop into my lap with extra orders rolling in.  Because of the pandemic, I was uncertain (water in the Ace of Serpents) that I would manage to draw in the orders and income that needs to come in at this time of year to make sure that the rest of the year runs smoothly.  At the beginning of the month I had become to realize that abundance is smiling upon me and diving headlong into the alternate reality that the holiday rush holds me within for six weeks or so out of each year.

Three defining events of this month.

Ten of Wands – Overwhelm and potential burn out.  This is the result of that six month race of too many orders and too little time.  It is inevitable, but can be mitigated a bit to ease its effects by trying to fit in some self care.

Judgement Rx – Am I doing well enough?  Is it going to be enough? Am I going to be enough? Am I doing enough? This time of year is filled with these worries and doubts. There is no way to tell while in the middle of the fray, but these worries drive me forward to work harder and harder, push more and more.

Two of Serpents Rx – There is no balance.  None. It’s something that is struggled with even when things are quiet and smoothly running.  But now is not a time of quiet and smooth, but chaotic and overwhelming.  There is no balance, just as there is no balance every year for these six weeks.  All you can do is do your best to keep moving forward, and eventually restore that balance once the rush is over.

Three defining characteristics of this month.

Six of Swords – A constant focus on the fact that this won’t last forever.  A constant focus on moving forward and riding the wave. A consistently repeated reminder over and over again that this stress and strain and overwhelm is not forever… just for this moment, and that it will soon be over.

The Wheel – There is a lot of uncertainty that comes with the month of December, and a lot of ups and downs because of that uncertainty. In this case, though… things are looking good and the upswing is a beautiful thing.  Needed.  Sooner or later what comes up must always come down tho, so watch out for the downswing that will eventually show up.  Probably next month.

Ace of Wands – The holiday rush is very literally the “seed” of my passion and drive. The business is my drive, my intent, my focus, my goal, and the white hot spark of my ambition.  The holiday rush funds necessary aspects of this endeavor, giving my goals and drive the funds needed to continue forward into the next year.

You at the end of this month.
Ten of Cups

Contentment and relief at having made it to the end.  Pleasure and a breath of fresh air for my emotions now that I can bring them back to the surface once again.  A chance to enjoy the good stuff in life again, including all those things that make me happy and connect again with Gideon and my loved ones. And a bit of an opportunity for some rest (the cup tipped on its side).


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – A New Month

  1. 17 Days til christmas which means what? 14-15 more days of work? It’s almost over, love. Just a little over two weeks and you can finally rest again. A little over two weeks and I can breathe again.

    I love you, man. Just hold on a little longer and this will be over.

    You can do it, baby, I know this rush is hard on both of us but most especially you and that constant GOGOGO, but it will be over soon. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t still in need of care, of rest and breaks and taking a moment to ground yourself and clear your head now and then. It’s important, man

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