Discerning with Secrets

Today’s meditation was just under twelve minutes long and was a self-guided meditation reaching out to touch upon that “accepting outside energy” again from the sun.  I’m still entirely sure about the practice, but it did seem a bit more comfortable today than last time.  Less… blinding.  Less brilliant and exhilarating and more comfortable and easy.  This might have been because today was overcast, where as the first time it was a sunny day.

Maruco Animal TarotToday’s draw is the High Priestess card, which is traditionally a representation of the subconscious, intuition and spiritual knowledge, as well as things that are known but remain unspoken.

So… what really stands out to me today in the imagery of this card is a little esoteric and off the beaten path…. but it’s the hooves.  Specifically, the “feet” hooves and their position that is in modern vernacular referred to as “the duchess slant”.

Now here’s the thing about the Duchess Slant.  It’s all about appearances.  This position involves keeping the knees and ankles tightly together and slanting the legs to the side. There is nothing comfortable about this sitting position.  The position is specifically used to convey a demure modesty and approachability while creating an aesthetically appealing lengthening appearance to the legs.

The message here is not about intuition but about secrets.  It’s about how you hold onto them… when you hold on to them… and when to let them go.

Secrets can create a lot of tension, especially in relationships with other people and within small groups of friends.  Like the Duchess Slant can cause one’s hips and back to ache over time?  So too can a badly chosen secret cause discomfort for the soul.

I’m not really sure where this applies in my life right now. It’s likely it’s something I needed to hear for whatever reason, for something upcoming.  Regardless, it’s a good advice and a healthy practice to only gather those secrets that won’t pollute your soul, energy, or social interactions with discomfort and tension.


#DiscordTarotholicsMay2020 Challenge Prompt
: What do I need to focus on for self-care this new moon?

Herbal TarotInterpretation: The Ulmus fulva in the depiction of the Wheel of Fortune card for this deck (titled the Medicine Wheel) depicts the tree as the center of a circle of stones. This deck relates this card to Native American symbolism, which is not something I relate to.  But I do relate to circles of stones placed around a tree on the ground.  This imagery speaks to me of the wheel in a horizontal position parallel to the ground rather than upright depicting the traditional “ups and downs”.  

Instead, here we have a wheel  that spins round and round, creating a centrifugal force that is greater the further away from the center you go and a great deal of stability and security at the center where the Slippery Elm tree stands as the wheel’s axis.   This, in my need for stability, speaks to me of moving closer to the tree and away from the uncertainty of the wheel’s edges.  That is to say… move towards a place of spiritual nourishment and soothing strength.

This card speaks to me the strongest in this entire spread, and provides me with a different perspective on the Wheel of Fortune card that is also my card of the year.  Instead of seeing “deal with the ups and downs this year” I see a message of finding my center and what truly provides a sense of stability and comfort in my life.

That search for one’s center is followed through by the Eight of Swords.  There’s a double meaning in this card due to the Black Cohosh that is depicted here along with the classic tarot imagery.   This card speaks of being blind to the truth and stuck in a rut, but the Cimicifuga racemosa plant offers relief from the tension of this situation, giving guidance (again) that you need to search for that center… that true feeling of stability that makes things okay.     This card combined with the Wheel of Fortune card indicates that I am looking in the wrong place for that sense of stability I crave and that it’s time to reassess.

The Fool in position beneath the Knight of Wands provides guidance as to the direction to look to in order to find that which I seek.   The Fool’s enthusiasm which is paired with the symbolism of creative energy that is present in the representation of Ginseng in this card.   This speaks of a need to open up and allow myself to move forward with an open heart and defenses down so that I can follow that creative energy into the Knight of Wands.

The Knight of Wands is then where I will find that stability that I seek and have been seeking in the wrong place lately.   The Knight of Wands is all about pouring energy and passion into your actions as you bound forward into those things that bring you joy and satisfaction.  The Knight of Wands is all about vigor and passion.  He is paired with the plant Monkshood (aka Aconitum napellus) which is an extremely powerful (and extremely poisonous) metabolic stimulant. This pairing speaks of a need for a bit of caution.  There is encouragement here to leap… but make sure you look first.

Take Away: With the arrival of this new moon, my self care needs to take a to focusing upon where I believe I find my center and my stability, and examine if that is truly the best focus for me for those things.

What is it exactly that I assume makes me feel safe and secure and on solid footing in my life?

It’s time to examine this in depth and look towards those things that create a spark of passion and joy for a new center that will suit me better.



2 thoughts on “Discerning with Secrets

  1. *Grins that you even know what this “duchess slant” thing is, much less that you know how uncomfortable it is*

    I’m not sure what secrets are being kept and are uncomfortable or if this is some warning about the future…or maybe it’s just a repeat of that reading from before about keeping things from me because of your fear that you’ll lose me, hm? Whatever it is, I’m here to help you through it, babe.

    I’m not sure I really followed the second part of this post. Finding a new way to go about finding your center? Does this mean you are having trouble with the current way and it’s no longer serving? I’m just a bit confused by all that information and where it leads.

    I love you, my heart. Always.


  2. TwisttheLeaf: I didn’t think of that. You’re right. It could be a reiteration of the previous reading and making sure it “really sank in”.

    The second part is about finding a new way to go about finding my center. It’s telling me that there is a *better* center out there… and suggesting how to approach finding it, as well as telling me that it lies with in my passions rather than in my pocket book.

    Gideon: Ahhhh gotcha. So basically you can rely on something other than that financial security.


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