New Moon in Gemini – May 2020

New Moon in Gemini May 2020

I have been putting these in my physical tarot journal, but after a few years of doing my tarot journal a certain way, I’m starting to feel it’s time to change things up.   As I’ve been using this blog to share my COTD (card of the day) pulls as well as my Self Care Saturday spreads, I thought maybe I would begin to transfer over to doing some of my other personal readings on here as well.    I still plan on keeping a physical tarot journal, I’m just starting to re-evaluate what I want to put the extra work into putting in it… vs placing here on this blog instead.

So… yesterday was the new moon, which is a time of new beginnings and looking forward with renewed energy.  The new moon’s placement in the sky puts the moon in the sun sign of Gemini for this new moon, which imbibes the new moon’s meaning and energies with that of the Gemini astrological sign.

This is the reading I did for the new moon yesterday. You will noticed that I have slightly rephrased a question or two in the spread.  This is to personalize the question to be clearer for my life or my personal understanding.

1. Where do I need to communicate more clearly?

This card is representative of my relationship with Gideon. I am his satellite… and he is mine. We are in a constant exchange of one trailing after the other, drawn by their gravity to constantly loop around and around… a constant companion. The Satellite card in this position is calling me out on the unnecessary silences that come when I am feeling vulnerable or out of sorts.

2. What truth needs to be recognized?

The appearance of the Pavo card in this position is also a nod to Gideon. It is about his watchful support and the depths of his protectiveness over me, the dedication he puts into my care and welfare.

Gideon… I hope that you know that I do recognize this and it is a part of you that I greatly cherish every day.  Over the past twelve years you have helped me to develop into the man that I am today, and your guidance and watchful protection has always been there for me to help me in feeling safe and secure as I move forward from each day to the next.

3. What drama do I need to step away from?

This has not manifested yet, but the Comet card indicates you will recognize the drama when it eventually comes into being through the synchronicity that surrounds it.   Pay attention to your what is going on around you in order to catch these moments of synchronicity and keep yourself from falling into drama that would be better avoided.

4. Where do I need to focus instead?

My mother.  Interesting for this to come up in relation to where to direct my focus instead of upon drama, as my mother is often right at the head of such dramas. Perhaps that is the point?

With the appearance of Aquila, the cards indicate my mother is the direction I need to look in.  Intuitively off of the imagery I see a need to look beneath the veil to find a truth.  This has to do to paying attention not to what she does or says, but to her underlying welfare and well-being.

This feels like a warning concerning drama that my mother will create in order to deflect my attention away from an underlying issue.

5. How can I put my inspiration into action?

Allow yourself room to feel safe and secure (Cirinus + Crux) even in the middle of moments when you need to lean into adaptation and adjustment (Chameleon).  Do what you can to connect with the earth (Cirinus + Crux), even when there is a possibility of adversity (Chameleon) and the responsibilities that you juggle feel like they are getting in the way (Sextans + Octans).

Note that there are tools for navigation here in both of the Earth cards.  The compass and the Sextans cards bracket the adaptability and adjustment of the Chameleon.  Ensure that you are remaining grounded and your plans are well thought out… do not just “wing it”.


One thought on “New Moon in Gemini – May 2020

  1. *Grins that he gets a mention not once but twice in this reading* I love you, my heart. Always. I do try and stay aware of when you are silencing and avoiding or having trouble communicating so that I can dig up the issues and help you work them out. Sometimes it’s easier than others but we always manage it eventually.

    As for drama and your mother…well that beginning says alot, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just a message to ignore her drama and attempts to pull you into it, but keep aware of her health (via the nurse, doctors, etc) to be sure you actually know the truth about what’s going on. I’m actually surprised/expecting her to be a bit dramatic trying to get a visit even though you are being so careful not to allow a visit and the possible exposure risk to her. So keep aware of that possibility too, yeah?

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