It’s For Your Own Good

IMG_3725Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and focused upon acceptance of one’s limitations and not viewing them as failures. The guided meditation spoke on the dangers of allowing yourself to come down too harshly on limitations that might play into one’s life.  Limitations from injuries, or even just normal day to day limitations that everyone has.

Sometimes we all fall a little short in one way or another.  We don’t get that promotion or manage to reach a goal that we’ve set our eyes on.   Today’s meditation was a reminder that you need to look at these limitations and disappointments as an opportunity for growth… not a reflection of failure upon you as a person.  Because when you choose to go down a dark road in your mind?  It can lead to even darker roads than the ones you ever meant to tread.

Maruco Animal Tarot - StrengthToday’s draw is the Strength card of the Major Arcana.  Like all of the Major Arcana, this card deals with all of the aspects of the human experience rather than just one single aspect at a time.  It is traditionally a representation of inner strength and courage as well as themes that deal with the ability to influence and/or persuade others to your will.

In the imagery of this card, what really stands out to me today is the lion is happy.  This speaks to me of being able to set aside one’s cranky ass nature to allow another to present you with an option that you may not have considered or normally have been open to, but that ultimately ends up making you happy.

You do this for me all the time.  You see the world a bit differently, your gaze is more focused upon people and emotions than I am, and your attention is more focused upon my self-care than I am.  You push me to do things to take care of myself that I would often neglect if it wasn’t for your influence… and I’m the better for allowing you that room to push and (in some instances) dictate on these matters.


#TarotForGrowthMay Challenge Prompt
: What am I being invited to forgive myself for at this time?

Sun and Moon Tarot

Reading Summary: Making the choice (Two of Swords) to take some time for myself (Four of Swords) instead of spending all my time focusing on the betterment of my business (Princess of Wands).

The symmetry of colors between the first and last cards is how this deck is made, but it also spoke to me about the order in which the cards needed to be read.

In the center card, what really stands out to me there is the stripes on the tiger and how they continue up along the girl’s legs creating a synchronistic blending between man and beast… the beast being the burning fire of ambition.

Take Away:  The key to these cards is in the swords.  It’s in the fact that I am making an actual, conscious choice to allow myself some rest and recuperation. I’m not being forced.   I need to respect my choices as well as my need for this rest, and forgive myself for making the choice to prioritize rest over work.  Stop beating myself up over all of the things I could have been doing during that time and how much further ahead I could be. 


#DiscordTarotholicsMay2020 Challenge Prompt
: Am I happy with the person I have become?

Dixit Cards v.2 QuestReading Summary: The strength and confidence to being true to myself is long standing (first card).  But, there is too much preying upon my small and soft spots (middle card), and too much inner cruelty and inner strife (third card).

Take Away:  So, yes… I am happy (pink) with the person I am and have always been (cobwebs).  I am comfortable in my own skin and know what I like (ballet slippers nearly glowing in the dark).  This?  I’m happy about and good with this.  I love to encourage and inspire others (en pointe position of shoes), and I believe that deep down I am a good person.

But… No.  I’m not happy about the person I have become when it deals with how that vicious part deep within me (cats eye glowing in the dark) treats the small and vulnerable parts of me (mouse on a plate), and how my negative thoughts sneak out (tentacles from the die) and provoke me into (demon made of tentacles) treating myself so harshly (orange red background).


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What does good communication look like to me?

The Fountain Tarot

Reading Summary: No padding the truth with kindness and comfort (Empress Rx). No wishy-washy verbiage or illusive connotations (The High Priestess). Just clarity (The Fountain) and pure, open sharing/discourse (Page of Coins).

There is also a connection between the two left cards and the two right cards, as both speak to me through color, use of light, and horizons.   In the left pair, which is the receiving side, there is an indication that although I prefer grounded and clear spoken honesty in communication, I also need a touch of warmth and humanity to the presentation in order to stay receptive to it.

In contrast, on the projective side (the right side) the two cards have a much colder and sharper feel to the imagery.  This speaks to me of my own delivery and how I feel feel the need for sharp focus and precision when I communicate and often rate that as being more important than softness or warmth.

Take Away:  All of this looks pretty accurate to me.  I take a good deal of care in my communication with others to phrase things in a precise way that won’t allow for a lot of misunderstanding or taking things “out of context” or in another light than intended.  I think a lot of people feel this comes off as cold and distant, and I have to make a conscious effort in my communication with others to not come off that way.

By the same turn, although I prioritize honesty and clarity above all else, I do find that I like a little warmth in how others communicate with me.  Even though I struggle with returning it in turn.


One thought on “It’s For Your Own Good

  1. I see things differently than you do, because I see you first…You are my priority and knowing you, knowing what you need and what is best for you has been my priority for the last twelve years. So of course I push for your self care, I push for you to be kinder to yourself, and I champion you every chance I get. Even when the person I most need to champion you with is -you-

    Protecting you from yourself if one of the hardest tasks I set upon myself, and yet it’s one of the most rewarding because you are your own biggest critic…and yet you are still my baby, my love.

    I think it works out pretty well, hm? I make sure you are taken care of, even when I cannot be there to do the little things, I still make sure that they get done. Sometimes it’s just reminding you to do your daily blog post. Sometimes it’s reminding you to eat, or just making sure you aren’t being too hard on yourself but it’s all part of taking care of you, and that is something that I take pride in. Something that is my honor to do.

    I love you so much man. SO much.

    There isn’t a whole lot you can be doing right now, love, so taking some time for yourself, some time to rest and recouperate is okay. It’s okay because soon life will return to normal and you’re going to be so set on catching up that getting you to slow down will be nearly impossible. So it’s okay to take that time now while you have it.

    And I think that you have improved some about communicating with others over the years, though I definitely don’t think you were ever as bad at it as you believe that you are, still…I think that you have gotten better at it. You really don’t seem to have this type of issues much anymore, hm? And with me, you have always been able to communicate beautifully.

    Mine man. I love you so much

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