Weekly Creativity Prompt – (Bad?) Luck

Pull (at least) three cards and use them to… tell us about a (real or fictional) mistake that turned into a happy ending.  (I went with fictional.)

Black Cat Tarot by Theresa Luck

There was once a young man that always flaunted the rules (The Fool).  He loved to drive fast, treated his car horribly and never took care of it (The Devil).

One day while whipping in and out of traffic and driving far above the speed limit (The Chariot), his cars breaks went out and would not work. He ended up in a horrible crash (The Tower).

Taken to the hospital he learned that in his folly, he’d been severely hurt and it would take many months or even years to recover from his injuries (Justice).

He was sent to a physiotherapist to begin his healing process (The Magician). The physiotherapist was a hard and harsh taskmaster who (The Emperor), who at first seemed to have no empathy at all. Over time and working together closely, the young man discovered that the physiotherapist was really very deep and they ended up falling in love (The Lovers).

In the end, the strength and stability and support that the physiotherapist provided, combined with the time I it took for the young man to recover from his injuries gave the young man time to grow and he learn from his mistakes (Death).

When he returned to the road he did so with more respect for the law, more loving care for his car, and less impatience (Temperance).




2 thoughts on “Weekly Creativity Prompt – (Bad?) Luck

  1. +Eyes narrowing*. I did not like this story. It is too close to true for my liking. I especially disliked the guy falling in love with his doctor. But I think you probably anticipated that hm?

    Liked by 1 person

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