Hidden Threads of Inner Strength

IMG_3125Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and focused upon stepping outside one’s comfort zone.  The guided meditation spoke on how sometimes we need to step outside our comfort zone, and how as we do this again and again, our comfort zone begins to expand, and our ability to handle discomfort increases.

I think that everyone needs this reminder from time to time. It’s easy to want to nuzzle down into what’s comfortable and wall yourself into those places. The thing is, though, that it’s important to to step outside of those comfort zones… because life is meant to be lived, and a part of living a rich and fulfilling life is experiencing new things.

High Priestess - Hush TarotToday’s draw is the High Priestess card of the Major Arcana.   The Major Arcana cards deal with “big picture” themes that are not pared down into specific aspects of the human experience.  Traditionally, the High Priestess is a representation of intuition, the subconscious, and other hidden things connected to one’s senses, motivations, and spirituality.

Two things in this card’s imagery really stand out to me.  First is the bird cupped in her hand that whispers into her ear.   The other is the Catherine the Great quote wrapped around her wrist.  The full quote says “I may be kindly, I am ordinarily gentle, but in my line of business I am obliged to will terribly what I will at all.”  The quote’s presence holds special meaning for me in reference to this card.  It speaks of having an inner core of steel beneath a soft exterior.

The message in today’s card is about inner strength.  It’s about the inner strength that intuition can create within someone that trusts that inner voice implicitly and allows it to help guide their steps.


#TarotForGrowthMarch Challenge Prompt
: Where would I benefit from readjusting my trajectory at this time?

Jonasa Jaus Tarot

Reading Summary: Let go of the shit that’s holding me back (Six of Coins) from making the steps forward into new territory (Ace of Swords).  Shit that’s holding me back? The stuff that has triggered my need to guard myself (Nine of Wands).

(The connection between the Six of Coins and the Nine of Wands is in the color coordination between the two cards.)

Take Away:  The fearful mindset and fog that resulted from it from “the letter” caused a bit of a mess for me and made me very “defense oriented”.  It’s time to let go of that mindset and stride forward confidently once more.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2020 Challenge Prompt
: What in my life needs changing?

New Choice Tarot de Marseille

Reading Summary:  Emotional communication (Two of Cups) is not my strong suit, but instead of ignoring my emotions or refusing to try (Four of Cups), it’s time to examine my methods (Four of Cups Rx). I need to allow my development to move forward and mature into something new (Death)

Take Away:  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by falling back on old habits.  If I want to continue to learn to connect to my feelings, I need to communicate what is going on with me emotionally rather than ignoring it or shoving it away. 


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
OK, so in my opinion the original question for today’s prompt was not phrased well… So I rephrased the original question in two different ways and here are the results for each.

Question: How can I keep myself safe while using my intuition?

Tarot of the Golden Wheel

Intuitive Interpretation:  Trust.  These cards are about trust, and taking action based on that trust.  My intuition is an authority that weighs above thought and sparks from those mysterious insides rather than the brain or the physical.  Being safe while using my intuition requires absolute trust.

Question: How can I keep myself safe by using my intuition? (ie: How can I use my intuition to keep myself safe?)

Tarot of the Golden Wheel

Reading Summary:  You have all the tools necessary (Magician), you just need to be willing to listen to your intuition (Knight of Cups).  Allow your gut to sing, and avoid overreactions (Temperance).

Take Away:  This is something that I already do, as I’ve been using my intuition as one of those way in which I navigate the world for a very long time.  Over the past twelve years, my intuition has become stronger and stronger, which to me means there is a clear connection between emotions and intuition.  I don’t claim to know or understand that connection or how it works, but as I’ve become more in touch with my emotions and torn down more of the walls that I have hidden my emotions behind, my intuition has become stronger and less muffled. 


One thought on “Hidden Threads of Inner Strength

  1. *Grins* You have such an abundance of that inner strength, man. It comes through in so many ways but most striking of all is to look back on all you have overcome through the years, all the trials and struggles that would have destroyed a lesser man than yourself, turned them into something ugly and unpleasant….you haven’t let any of the trauma you have been through hold you back or keep you down, instead you use it and learn from it and pick yourself up with the determination to not just go on…but to move past is stronger and -better-

    You are such a good person, you have such a beautiful soul and you haven’t let any of the bad things in life effect you in ways that would dim that light inside you or make you petty and cruel. You’re so amazing, my love. I’m so lucky to call you mine…to call myself yours.

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