Tomorrow Is Another Day

Today’s meditation was again, nonexistent.  And I am very aware that I’m not doing myself any favors by skipping it.   In fact, I can feel the deterioration happening.  I need to get back into doing it and will do a short body scan meditation before bed tonight then start fresh tomorrow morning.

Eight of Cups - Hush TarotToday’s draw is the Eight of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of moving on emotionally (often from disappointment) or using escapism to remove yourself from unpleasant situations.

What I see here is about my failures toward self care over the past week or so and my need to get back on track again. It’s time to let go of my self-bashing and release the disappointments in myself.  It’s time to step up and take care of myself and move away from the emotional self-abuse that has been very subtly sneaking in on me behind the concealment of inner walls.

Tomorrow is another day, and another chance to do better than today.


#TarotForGrowthMarch Challenge Prompt
: How can I harness my own enthusiasm to align with Aries’ fiery energy?

Law of Attraction Tarot

Interpretation: I may need a little help (Two of Cups) in reigning in my inner thoughts and struggles, wrestling them under control and sorting them into an actionable order (Queen of Swords).  The chaos and mess of all the disappointments and nasty surprises that have happened over the past week, the feeling of shit that is so very important to me falling apart, and the mental chaos of anxiety and stress going on (Three of Swords) because of all this?  It needs to be brought to heel with a gentle, strong hand.  It needs to be sorted and organized and I need to find that control (Back to the Queen of Swords). 


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2020 Challenge Prompt
: How can I improve upon where I am spiritually in the week ahead?

Arcana Iris Sacra

Reading Summary: Be kind and nurturing (Queen of Chalices), concise and organized (Queen of Swords).  Own that you know the way forward, you can take these experiences and learn from them (The Hierophant).

Take Away:  The world is only as uncertain as you allow it to be. The cacophony of chaos that was mentioned in yesterday’s reading, and the feeling that the world is thrown into chaos and uncertainty… these are things I can get under control.  To do that, I need to stay on and disciplined in my self care, and require myself to do the re-organizational work necessary to create a new schedule and a new structure for myself.  The Hierophant reminds me that I have much to learn from this situation.  Don’t shut down and close off and miss these lessons, instead pay attention and use what you learn to move forward with the strength that knowledge provides.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: How can I enhance my intuition through my dreams?

Goblin Tarot RWS Edition

Reading Summary: Don’t disregard your dreams as unimportant (High Priestess) because they are not all fun and games (The Sun).  Stop setting your dreams aside as unimportant (Eight of Cups).

Take Away:  I actually wasn’t sure where this reading would go, because… as the cards so very clearly called me out on, I usually disregard my dreams as unimportant and without relevance.  The cards here indicate that the reason that my dreams do not enhance my intuition is because I choose to treat them in that way, and to change that attitude would create an opening for my dreams to step forward and enhance my intuitive process.



Tarot Self-Portrait

My Entry for the Your Tarot Self-Portrait Challenge.
Just sneaking under the cut-off with only two days left to enter!


I have to watch out for the Gloominous Doom
As he likes to visit with his pit of gloom
My nearest and dearest know what to do
I depend on them to steer me true
[Faeries Oracle – Gloominous Doom]
One of the biggest recurring challenges of my life has been my depression. I had my first Major Depressive Episode at the age of fourteen and have had a number of them since. When not in an episode I deal with long-term dysthymia. I depend on my loved ones, and especially Gideon, to help me in keeping track of my mood levels and helping me identify when I appear to be slipping into that pit of a depressive episode as well as help me in finding my way back out of it again.

A survivor, I am
I fight the good fight
There is no swerving from battles or strife
Is how I confront the struggles in life
[Stolen Child Tarot – Five of Wands]
I am strong and determined. I don’t allow others to push me around or allow them to sway me from what I know is right… and what I know is mine. This card’s imagery is about determination and empowerment to me, and it speaks to that strength within me that demands that I stand strong and demand the best from myself and that others “toe the line” where I am concerned or pay the consequences.


Grounded and sure footed
I am who I am
My moral compass and inner voice
Guide me true
Again and again
[Earth Power Oracle – Magnetic North Pole]
I live my life by the guidance given by my moral compass and my intuition. Both of these aspects work together and speak to me through an inner “voice” that is never wrong. I have spent my life learning to better trust myself and that voice, and in doing so have become more and more grounded, and more and more sure of who I am and comfortable within my own skin. I know my weaknesses and my strengths, and am happy to share the lessons I have learned to help others find their own direction as well.

Sometimes this means
Putting on a fierce face
and plowing through obstacles
no matter the pain or the pace
[Tarot of the Hidden Realm – Ten of Swords]
My history is filled with obstacles and accidents, painful moments and instances that could easily be considered moments of victimization. Instead of allowing these moments or the residual effects of those moments to drag me down, I face these experiences with a snarl of force and determination, knowing that each of these experiences are going to hurt… but if I face them head on I will make it to the other side, having survived and ready to move on.


I juggle a lot
and I’m busy as a bee
Responsibilities require balance
that I appear to manage with ease
[Hush Tarot – Two of Pentacles]
I started adulthood at 16 when I emancipated from my parents, and signed a mortgage at 19. I have spent the majority of my adult life juggling at least four part time jobs and a home business, as well as sustaining a healthy relationship with my twin sister, a long-distance high-demand relationship with my partner Gideon, and a close friendship with my best friend. There is also self care, of which there is an excessive amount because of the need for daily physical therapy and occasional recreation, my spiritual path and my tarot practice. Most people would never guess that I juggle so much, or carry so much responsibility. I shoulder it all. I balance it all. The key to balance in life? Is flexibility. Scales are not still and stagnant. They sway… and like those scales, in order to balance life’s responsibilities we too must sway and constantly adjust.

In truth, though,
Life’s not about balance or battles
Life is about adaptability
And learning from the trials
[Wayhome Tarot – The Hanged Man]
I see the struggle and strife and trials I have gone through, as well as those things I will go through in the future, as learning experiences. They have allowed me to see things differently, and changed my perspectives over time. Whether it is the chronic, constant pain or being the victim of a crime, there is a benefit and a lesson to each experience if I am open to seeking it out and taking that new, different perspective in. Every different perspective I find changes me in some small way, opening me up to something new and giving me more… more understanding… more empathy… and more knowledge with which to navigate the world and relate to those within it.