Even Baby Steps Are Progress

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and was tacked on to the tail end of my yoga/physiotherapy practice.  As usual, it wasn’t as effective as when I take the time to relax fully and take a separate few minutes to meditate.  Unfortunately, the housekeeper was on her way over and I was limited in just how much time I had to get my morning needs completed before she arrived.

I may do a second meditation tonight when I head to bed, though, as I feel I could use one.

The Hermit - Circle of Life TarotToday’s draw is The Hermit card of the Major Arcana, which is a representation of taking time to yourself, often for introspection or time alone to sort things out in some way.

What stands out to me in this imagery today is the motion in the man, and the rocks on the ground.   What I mean by the “motion of the man” is that I see clear movement.  He isn’t standing still, he’s moving forward.  He’s making progress.  But at his feet lie stones that could be tripped over if caution is not taken.

The message that I see in the appearance of The Hermit is that I am getting somewhere in my healing, growth, and development.  I may not always feel like it.  In fact, sometimes it might not feel like it at all. At other times I might come across a rock or two and stumble along the way… but progress is progress, even if it’s one small, agonizingly slow step at a time.


#TarotForGrowthMarch Challenge Prompt
: Where would I most benefit from taking action at this time?

78 Tarot Elemental Tarot of the Natural

Reading Summary:  Move forward from suspension (Ace of Earth).  It’s okay to take a leap (The Fool), but in doing so you might have to move fast in order to stay on target and bypass obstacles (Eight of Fire).  There is a discordant feeling to the combination of these three cards.

Take Away:  Honestly, although I might most benefit from taking a leap and racing ahead at this time concerning my business?  I don’t feel like it’s the right time.  I think this is a test of my patience.  The cards are giving me information that is actionable and even beneficial, but contrary to my current goals…. as if they are asking, “What do you really want?”


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2020 Challenge Prompt
: How can I improve upon where I am mentally over the week ahead?

Arcana Iris Sacra Tarot

Reading Summary:  Accept that this is the beginning of something good (The Fool) and move forward with an open mind and balanced judgement (Queen of Swords) while keeping a focus on the relationships in my life that work in harmony with my own energies.

Take Away:  So although this is probably not going to be a week where I’m going to end up finding a helper, it IS a week for new beginnings and making sure that I get things in order for that eventuality.  At the same time, I need to make sure I’m taking time for myself and those closest to me who make up an important part of balancing my emotional well-being.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: When am I intuitively insecure?

Celtic Dragon Tarot

Reading Summary:   At times when I am in a mindset of feeling defensive (Seven of Wands) and insecure (The Moon), my judgement is compromised (Judgement) and it makes it too difficult and distracting to be able to focus (Seven of Cups) in on my intuition clearly.

Take Away:  And thus why I’ve been having a little difficulty over December and January with my intuition feeling muffled.  Because of the fear issue I’ve been dealing with, the fog of that “freeze” reaction that I’ve been working through, and the residual effects of that experience, I am aware that I am feeling a bit handicapped with my intuition at the moment (although that has been resolving itself over the past few weeks a little at a time).

During this time, I’ve noticed that I have been leaning more fully in the area of tarot, and placed image only decks on the back burner for the time being.  I believe this is a natural reaction, as I subconsciously balance my logic mind with my intuitive ability so that I can continue to read cards regardless of where I am on those scales at any given moment.



Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Phone Call

Pull at least three cards and use them to… write about a (real or fictional) call that was a wrong number.

La Corte dei Tarocchi

The Phone Call

There came a time many years ago where a boy filled with youth and potential (Il Sole) lay within a bed, his body broken into pieces (La Torre di Babele).

Lying within the bed after one of the many surgeries needed to put the boy’s body back together, he almost ignored the call when the phone beside his bed rang.  Almost. Instead, exhausted and disheartened, he answered.

On the other side of the line came a man’s voice.  A voice he had never heard before.  The man was confused and struggling, driving in the rain and lost in an unfamiliar city.  He was on his way to a blind date, and couldn’t figure out which way to go (Gli Innamorati). He had meant to call his date and get directions, but had clearly dialed the wrong number.

The man, oblivious to the boy’s own plight,  was all worked up and expressed that he was greatly tempted to just turn around and go back home (Il Diavolo), writing his date off as a flop and accepting (although mournfully) that perhaps he was meant to be alone forever (L’eremita).

The boy in his recovery bed felt bad for the man and his struggle.  He felt that no one that longed so deeply to find a connection with another should allow their fear to keep them from finding that connection, and he said as much to the man.

He told the man that he should go through with the date, because after all… what if (La Ruota della Fortuna) this woman is the person that the man has been waiting for his entire life? (Il Guidizio)

In talking with the boy, this premise gave the man hope (Le Stelle), and he decided to try and go through with the date after all.

The boy in his bed did a search of the man’s destination on his tablet, and pulled up a map with directions (Il Bagatto) to the place that the man was supposed to go.  As the man drove, the boy talked the man through the steps to get to his destination (La Luna and Il Carro).

Once at his destination, the call ended with the boy wishing the man good luck, and the boy then went back to his rest and healing.  The call was soon  forgotten in the fog of medications, surgeries, and physiotherapy in the days and months that passed.

Then one day, a few months later, the boy’s phone rang again with an unfamiliar number. Again it was the same man!  This time calling calm and happy (La Temperanza) and wanting to thank the boy.

He told the boy that on the night of the first call, the man had been dead set on going home.  But, the boy’s encouragement had given him hope and, in going through with the date, he had indeed met the person he’s been waiting his entire life to find.  The man had called to thank the boy, for the man’s life had completely transformed because of this date (La Morte), and he told the boy that he and the woman from the blind date were going to be married (Il Papa).  This news gave the boy pleasure and hope, and he worked even harder to recover so that he could dance at their wedding.