Year’s End Reflections

Today’s meditation was not guided and not particularly eventful.   It was a body scan that started at the top of my head and moved slowly down to the tips of my toes before focusing upon certain areas that were showing tension that needed a bit of extra work.

I often do some of my physio and stretching during my meditation, as it allows me to breathe and pause for long moments in a stretch, and that is what the second half of my meditation was is that stretch and pause routine with breathing exercises to keep me focused.

Judgement- Tarot of the Little Prince Today’s draw is the Judgement card of the Major Arcana.  The Judgement card is often about looking at the “big picture” of a person’s existence and ascertaining the value of what has been offered and done.  It is about seeking out “the right thing” and knowing whether or not you are on that path.   It is about one’s moral compass, and how one follows that compass not just in a moment or event, but overall upon one’s life path.

The message in the appearance of the Judgement card in today’s draw has to do with the year coming to an end and looking back on what I have done over the past year, taking store of the good and the bad and the lessons learned, and moving forward to do better in the year ahead.



Question:  Where can I challenge myself moving into the new year?

This Might Hurt Tarot

Reading Summary:  I need to look at finding a more seated and secure way of doing things (Nine of Pentacles) rather than allowing conflict (Five of Wands) and struggle (Seven of Wands) to always be a challenge in my path. Instead, it is important to lean upon my expertise (Eight of Pentacles) and skill to find a better way (Death).

Take Away:   There are a lot of times that I find I feed off of the stress of being overburdened with work.  I think it is probably an adrenaline thing.  The thing is, though… it’s not healthy.  Not physically, or mentally, or emotionally.   One of the challenges I have decided to take on for the next year is finding a stronger footing and more rooted and secure way to “get my stuff done” that abandons that need for an overwhelming amount of stress.  The cards indicate the path forward to that change is through leaning on the skills and abilities I have honed over the years in relation to my craft and business.



One thought on “Year’s End Reflections

  1. I’m not sure if you will manage to not stress and overburden yourself, especially during the rush of christmas, but you are doing better. You’ve done better this year than in the past so I think that you can manage to improve on things so you are a little less burdened and overwhelmed.

    And I will, of course, do all that I can to encourage and support those changes.

    I love you man. So much


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