Charity… It’s Okay to Let Go

Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long, and entailed a thorough body scan from head to toe and then a brief guidance through the topic of self-competition and going a bit easier on  yourself when you are pushing for your best.

Tarot of the Little Prince Today’s draw is a double without jumper. The cards in today’s draw are the Seven of Swords and the Eight of Swords.   And isn’t it strange how they came out together like that?  But I have shuffled this particular deck a few hundred times now, so… it’s just meant to be.

What I see in the message of these cards is a fully intuitive hit based off the imagery and how the imagery of the two cards play of each other.   It speaks of the importance of leaving behind what no longer serves you in order to find a better place.  And, that leaving something behind means you are releasing your stakes in it entirely.  Who cares who comes along and picks up those things you have chosen to leave behind?  Perhaps those things will serve another better than they have you.


Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthDecember

Question: How did I treat my body this year?

This Might Hurt Tarot

Reading Summary:  I got in touch with my inner self and found a new perspective (The Hanged Man), but I struggled with a lot of difficult choices as well (Seven of Cups) and might have made a few missteps along the way (Two of Swords).  All in all, though, I’ve done a spectacular job of caring for myself (King of Pentacles) and ensuring that I am nurturing and nourishing my body (Queen of Pentacles) this year.

Take Away: I stepped up things on the self-care front this year, and have stuck with it since I first started with it in the spring.  This has really paid off in keeping me healthy this year, even if I’ve occasionally “slipped up” in my self care here and there along the way.