Timing Isn’t Always Necessary

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and focused on planning for the future.   A lot of times it seems we wait for the perfect time to start things.   The “perfect time” to find a new job, the “perfect time” to take a vacation, or the “perfect time” to fall in love.

The thing is?   There’s never a perfect time.   There’s always going to be stress going on and distractions that can get in the way.   Today’s meditation focused on this fact, and that if there’s something you want to do that might enrich your life, or something you want to experience that you are holding back on while waiting for the “perfect time”, maybe it’s time to consider that the perfect time is now.

We can always think up roadblocks and other issues to hold us back, but sometimes? It’s worth it to just take a leap and do whatever it is.  Life will continue and adjust to fit in whatever it is, and you can adapt to accommodate it as well.

Six of Swords - Tarot of the Little Prince Today’s draw is the Six of Swords, which traditionally is a representation of harmony, cooperation and vitality, as well as humanity issues and limitations in the area of the mind, intellect, and communication.  Because it comes after the conflict of the Five in this suit, it also holds representation for transitions and letting go of the bad to move on to something better.

As the young man in the card’s imagery and his trusty fox have trudged through the maze of sharp swords to get to a better place (the well), I have trudged through a lot of difficulty over the past year, and struggled a lot with being overwhelmed and over-burdened.   This is a self-caused issue, as I am the one that filled my plate to overflowing, but that didn’t make it any less overwhelming.

As I move past the holiday rush and towards the new year, the appearance of the Six of Swords is an expression of the transition that I am making.  Not just from the busiest time of year to one that is slower and more manageable, but concerning the restructuring of how I deal with the business over the next year in an effort to try something new and more manageable than I’ve been doing thus far.


Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthDecember

Question: What parting message does 2019 have for me?

Darkness of Light Tarot

Reading Summary:  Learn from the lessons this year has taught me (The Hierophant) and move forward into the new year (The Universe) with a sense of optimism and hope (The Star) as well as a focus on finding a stable path forward (Four of Coins).

Take Away:  The center card is the focus in this reading, speaking of stability in the area of finances, and a need to be a bit more miserly in the upcoming year than I have been in 2019.  The cards surrounding the central theme speak of learning from the lessons I’ve picked up along the path, and remembering to stay open and optimistic in my path forward into the new year and new start it brings with it.



#IAmAFortuneTeller (non) VR to Mary-Grace Fahrun

Okay, so the Pagan Perspective is definitely on a holiday break.  So, I decided to do one of my (non)VRs today in place of a response to their regular videos.

One of my favorite content creators, Mary-Grace Fahrun, did a video on YouTube at the end of November about how she uses tarot and about the stigma behind the use of cartomancy for predictive readings. She included a tag for responses, and I very much enjoyed her video and wanted to do a response.


Like Mary-Grace, I grew up with cartomancy. In my case it was Lenormand cards, then playing cards, and then tarot. In my experience, Lenormand in particular is all about handing you a roadmap of potholes along your path.

I don’t know where the judgement against predictive readings stemmed from, or why it is so prevalent among modern day readers, but it is very prevalent and highly frowned upon by a large majority of card readers out there.

Somewhere in my teens was when I ran into this issue.  I was told that 3rd party readings and predictive readings are ethically wrong, and for a while I fought against using the cards in that way… but honestly? I gave up on that rather quickly.

Interestingly, I am not as strong at reading the past as I am at reading the present and future.

Intuition is intuition, and that information is going to come through whether I want it to or not. So I had a good look at my own moral compass and values and decided that for me? Both 3rd party and predictive aspects are a part of it, or I don’t read cards… because it just comes naturally. And I sure as hell am not hanging up my decks!!

I honestly do not understand why it is considered taboo or why people look down their noses at readers that do fortune telling (predictive readings, telling the future, etc).  I’ve had people say it’s about clients seeing the predictions as written in stone, or taking away choice, etc.  But the fact is?   That is in the presentation, NOT in the predictive aspect.

Doing predictive readings requires the responsibility and sensitivity to make sure those you read for are aware of the fluidity of the future, and how even just having the reading can have the possibility of changing the results, because knowledge is power.  It requires empowering people, so that they can build the future that they want, and be prepared for what is coming.

Any tarot reader, no matter the type of readings they do, has the ability to take away people’s choices and diminish their power.  Not just during predictive readings.  You are tapping into their needs and wants, desires, fears, and the depths of their psyche.  And that requires sensitivity and respect and a sense of responsibility.

So yes… I am a fortuneteller.  I am not ashamed of that.  It’s how my intuition works and fighting against my intuition or ignoring my intuition’s voice is just… not the path for me.