Love and Kindness

IMG_7967Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and was combined with interval timer for my stretches.  The topic of this guided meditation was about the small choices we make… in other words, the butterfly effect.

It was about how with each small good choice we make for ourselves in our lives, we foster and encourage goodness and positivity and healthy habits to develop and take root.  And how it’s important to encourage this positive growth, as opposed to feeding the bad habits and making bad choices that hold us back.

Tarot of the Little Prince - Ten of SwordsToday’s draw is the Ten of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of painful endings, the dying off of hard times, and the end of cycles of difficulty and trials.  The swords suit is, after all, a story about tragedy and the Ten of Swords is the end of said tragedy before the hero of the story picks themselves back up and brushes themselves off to try again.

I find the imagery in this card to be extremely disorienting today.  I’m not sure if it has always made me feel this way, but today? When I look at this card it feels as if the entire world has been turned upside down.  And in this chaotic, confusing world the boy curls close the fox that is his companion to protect the fox from being hurt or lost.

The message here is about making sure that you are caring for your heart… your soft squishy insides.  When the world falls into chaos, make sure you’re taking care of what’s important to you… including yourself.  Kindness and love is needed.  It might not conquer all… but it makes everything just a little bit better.


#DiscordTarotolicsNov2020 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #4

Tarots Egyptiens Anima AntiquaWhat have I been taking for granted?

Nine of Coins – I spend so much time focusing on where I’m going and what I need to do that I’ve forgotten to take time to enjoy the present and what I have in the now.  Gideon reminded me earlier today of this. I was sad about having lost my “easy”… that easy going nature I’d had when I was younger siphoned away over time as I started my own businesses and responsibilities piled on my shoulders.

He reminded me that yes, that “easy” was nice, but it was also a time in my life where I was struggling just to feed myself.  In the same way as looking back on what I miss, I often train my focus forward on where I want to go… but in truth?  I need to spend more of my focus on the now, and just how good I have it these days.

What’s been holding me back from seeing my blessings clearly?

Six of Swords Rx – My determination to move forward and claim more of what I want out of life, to achieve more and succeed.  To stake my claim on the future. This determination has made it difficult to ease up and enjoy the present to its fullest.

How can I better express my gratitude in the future?

Knight of Cups – Instead of focusing so hard on responsibilities and goals, seek out the things that bring me joy and satisfaction and go after them instead.  Seek the things that foster a bit of pleasure in the present instead of constantly striving for more out of the future.

What do I need to acknowledge gratitude for in my relationships?

Four of Swords – I am so grateful that those in my life understand my need for alone time and encourage that.  It’s something that I don’t express a lot of gratitude for, but having had some experience in the past few years with some truly extroverted people that need a good deal of social contact?  I have come to realize that the friends and loved ones I have are very unique in that they are supportive of my need for alone time.  I didn’t realize how rare this was until… well, just now when thinking about it.

What do I need to acknowledge gratitude for in my finances?

Five of Cups – This is an echo of the response in my first question of this spread.  It’s about realizing how good I have it now, and feeling gratitude for the present and all that I have in this present moment. I need to stop telling myself that I’m not doing enough… that it’s not enough… that I’m not enough.

What do I need to acknowledge gratitude for in my work life?

King of Cups – I am able to do what truly nourishes my soul.  Sometimes I might feel worn down and tired, and I might not enjoy it as much as I could… or should.  But, the fact remains, I’m doing what I love. I’m doing what I enjoy. And, through my work, I share my pleasure and enjoyment, my emotions and my hopes and the energy of my positive emotions with others with every single piece that I ship out.


Listen More Closely

IMG_7933Today’s meditation was right at about ten minutes long today, and was a guided meditation with interval timer for my piriformis stretches.

The topic of today’s guided meditation was growth, and the discomfort that we go through as we grow.  It was about how that discomfort is natural and, although uncomfortable, is a good thing.  It’s through these growing pains that we develop into someone better, and become more than we currently are.

If, instead of accepting these growing pains and discomfort as a part of life, we instead turn around and hide from those uncomfortable feelings then we also hide from the experiences that provide us with growth and betterment.

Tarot of the Little Prince - Five of WandsToday’s draw is the Five of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of tests, trials, and conflict in the area of one’s drive, inspiration, willpower, and determination.  This often translates into either struggles that cause you to be held back and you fight against that barrier, or impassioned conflict concerning what one believes in.

What stands out to me in this card’s image today is the fact that the snake is actually fighting using a wand.  I mean… that’s remarkable right?  Okay so when I saw this today, I thought…. “Hm, watch out for unexpected trouble.”

Although to be honest?  I really didn’t expect “unexpected trouble” to come in the guise of a crazy ass 220 pound white guy with a rage issue screaming at me to go back to my “homeland” and take the “China flu back there with you” as he handed me my ass in a parking lot.

Thank you for the warning…. I’m sorry I didn’t listen more closely this morning.


#DiscordTarotolicsNov2020 Challenge Prompt
: Think of a problem that needs solving and pull cards in relation to… Where To Begin / What Half Way Looks Like / How to End Things / Long Term Ramifications
Problem: Keeping up with the holiday rush

Bosch TarotWhere To BeginStrength – Remember that you’ve got this. You are capable and strong, you have the inner stamina and strength to make it through, no matter how bad it gets.  You run this gauntlet every year, and you always make it through just fine, if feeling a little ragged by the end.

What Half Way Looks LikeThe Lovers – Half way there is a good time to remember that you need to include self care.  It can be really hard to fit in those things that help you feeling refreshed when in the middle of keeping the chaos in line. But you need it.  So don’t skimp on it.

How to End ThingsKing of Pentacles – Flush from the holiday rush, you will have your finances in a better place than they’ve been in some time.  Make sure you invest that money wisely, save it wisely, and put it towards that stability and security you constantly crave.

Long Term RamificationsSix of Swords – Somewhere better than where you’re at now.  Positive advancement towards improvement and being “in a better place” financially.  That is what you run this gamut for each year, after all.


Find The Boon

I’ve managed to fall behind yet again… and I can’t remember whether I meditated on the 23rd or not. So I’ll leave this empty this time around as I finish up these posts that got started… but never published on the blog.

Tarot of the Little Prince - StrengthToday’s draw is the Strength card, which traditionally is more about inner strength than physical strength, and is a representation of persuasion and influence, an inner core of compassion, and the ability to bend others to one’s will.

What stood out to me in this card today is the expressions on the faces of both the boy and the fox. The holiday rush is in full swing and the message here is that even though it’s going to be a hard and busy day, it’s important to make sure that I’m finding some joy in it as well.

Don’t sink so deep into the work that you turn into a robot.  Breathe deep and find the pleasure.  The comfort.  And the joy in what you do.


#DiscordTarotolicsNov2020 Challenge Prompt
: Pick a topic and pull a card for… Tomorrow / Next Week / Next Month
Topic: My financial health…

Mary El Tarot 1st EditionTomorrowDeath – In the present, my finances are in the process of going through a natural shift.  This is not news, as with the holiday rush upon me, the money is flowing in freely and (sometimes) feels like it’s sifting through my fingers like sand as I spend on postage and supplies almost as quickly as the money comes in.

Next WeekKing of Cups – In the week ahead, you will find that you will come to a place of ease and security.  Knowing that the money is there, knowing that bills are being paid and things are going well will give you an emotional boost and confidence.

Next Month – Five of Wands – By this time next month, you will be struggling with the slow down from the holiday rush.  Anxiety over the drop off of sales is natural, as is the struggle to push it forward and keep it going. Inner conflict and the need to push will be burning wild in your chest, conflicting with the slowdown and need to back off and ease up.


Where Are You Going?

IMG_7874Today’s meditation was just over eleven minutes long, and was a guided meditation with interval timer for my piriformis stretches.  The topic of today’s guided meditation was perfectionism, and letting go of the need for everything to be perfect and at 100% all of the time.

It brought up the subject of the “80 / 20 Rule”, which is essentially that eighty percent of any endeavor can be smooth sailing, but when you get to that last 20% needed to make something “perfect” it can take as much energy and effort as the entire eighty percent of the project that had come before.

I get what they’re saying, but I really don’t see that as an excuse to give up at the 80% quality mark instead of going for that extra 20% of a job well done.  That said, I do agree that you can’t give that kind of dedication and effort to every single little thing you do or you’ll wear yourself out constantly pushing too hard.  It’s important to use that extra 20% judiciously and make sure you’re not hurting yourself in overextending your reach and energy by pushing yourself too far.

In other words?  Sometimes you just have to let go and be okay with a “good job” instead of a “perfect job”.

Tarot of the Little Prince - The ChariotToday’s draw is the Chariot card, which is traditionally a representation of control and direction. This is a card that is filled with action, determination, and willpower… all of which often lead to success more often than not.

What stands out to me the strongest in the imagery for this card is the fact that the birds are carrying the chariot and its occupant away from the strict organization that lies below.   Instead of heading towards structure and organization, they are literally flying away from it, rising higher and higher in the sky.

The message here is about paying attention to where you’re going. It’s all well and good to be revved up and ready to go, and to plow forward with your hands on the reigns.  But where are you going?


LionHart’s As Above So Below Challenge Prompt
Neptune Question
: What can serve as an inspiration, or how can I {best} get/stay inspired?

The Mushroom Tarot

Reading Summary: Sometimes it’s through your unhealthy choices (The Lovers Rx) and being overwhelmed (Ten of Wands) that you find your inspiration. Keep in mind, though, the goals that you want to accomplish along the way (Ten of Cups and Ten of Pentacles).

Take Away:  This is an interesting perspective, and one that may help explain why I felt so uninspired over the summer months when I was trying to take it easy.  The pressure and hint of self destruction could very well be a part of what drives my inspiration and motivation… and maybe that’s okay.

But, if it’s going to be okay to indulge in these unhealthy methods to find a modicum of motivation?  I need to make sure I’m keeping in mind the grounded stability and emotional well-being that I’m trying to feed and foster along the way. 


#DiscordTarotolicsNov2020 Challenge Prompt
: Three Things to be Grateful For…. Card 1 / Card 2 / Card 3

Global Fusion Intuitive TarotTemperance – Okay so moderation is not my strong suit by any means. But, that doesn’t mean I am not grateful for the opportunity to try for it, as well as those that assist me in striving for more moderation in my life. I am striving to invite moderation into my life, and with it allow for more room for self-care and self-acceptance.

Two of Pentacles – Finding a new balance between my work and personal life hasn’t been easy, but I feel like I’ve done really good at finding a better balance over the past year.  Even now during the holiday rush, the addition of meditation and other self care techniques help me in finding a bit more balance than I’ve been able to manage in the past.

The Hanged Man – I am grateful every single day for the ability to put myself in other’s shoes and see things from other’s perspectives.  I cherish the ability to take things in from multiple perspectives and see things from different angles, exploring not ideas and beliefs but all sorts of opinions and perspectives from as many angles as possible to better understand the world and those within it. 

Additional Notes – Aside from the cards and their individual meanings, there is also a connection between the Temperance card, and the Two of Diamonds. This connection is through the violet shades shared between the juggling balls in the Two of Diamonds and the wings of the angel in the Temperance card. This combination further reinforces that through the moderation I strive for, I am finding a better and thus healthier balance than I’ve had in the past.


Heal & Transform November Challenge Prompt
: What or who in my life is healthfully feeding or expanding my energy?

Tarot of the Unknown 1st Edition

What in my life is healthfully feeding my energy?
The Wirt (The Magician)

My confidence in my abilities is currently feeding my energy.  The holiday rush is officially here, and where before I worried that I would not be able to handle the rush, I am now no longer in that state of mind and sure of my capability to ride the rush through to its end. This doesn’t mean that it will be difficult, but I no longer am at a place where I am dragging my feet and stalling out, but rather I am energized by the fact that I know I can and will do this.

Who in my life is healthfully feeding my energy?
Lorna (Death)

Death, in this instance, is Z.  Although her appearance on my doorstep was a bit sudden back in the spring, I’ve had a good number of months now to get used to her constant presence so close here in my home.  She is amazing and supportive in a number of ways, and she knows how to give space when space is needed. She also cooks! Providing me with my life-long dream of having someone cook for me on at least a semi-regular basis.

What in my life is healthfully expanding my energy?
Two of Pentacles

My self care.  I mentioned this previously in the Tarotholics reading, and the card here is a carry over from there.  What is healthfully expanding my energy at this time is the fact that I’m able to fit in the self care I need to give my life a bit more balance so that every single moment of my day is not consumed by work and pressure and stress.

Who in my life is healthfully expanding my energy?
Ten of Pentacles

Z and L both. This card is about my home life, and my home life is essentially Z and L. By expanding my energy, what I understand this to mean is that they are expanding how many hands I have to work with, and how much I can get done.  They are here to help me, and they help with making some of the different items in my shops.  L is very good with adhesives, and Z is spectacular with wire and chain.  Together they have been indefensible in helping me stay on top of things.