Derailment Ahead

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Tarot of the Little PrinceToday’s draw is the Page of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive omega energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s willpower, drive, passions, and inner spark.

There is a message here in the train and the tracks, and what I found this message to be relevant for today is as a reminder to not allow distractions to derail me from where I want to go.

The distractions today had to do with going to lunch, and some of the things that were said there.  It has to do with the fact that those things said sort of derailed my self confidence and left me feeling disheartened, adrift, and exhausted.  Clearly I didn’t hear the message clearly until it had already happened. I have some ideas on what I can do to help myself re-center tomorrow, though.M


#DiscordTarotholicsDec2021 Challenge Prompt
: What last minute preparations for the new year need my focus?

Le Tarot de GulliverReyne de Deniers and Le Bateleur – Make smart choices with your money.  There’s a lot of potential in your hands right now, with the holiday rush freshly at an end.  Make sure that as you move forward you are spending from a solid foundation with an eye on what you want to accommplish, instead of through your emotions.

Nine of Coins atop Valet d’Épées – Success comes via discernment.  Learning to look at things differently and change your viewpoint is difficult, but promises a far more stable resulting success than winging it. Make sure that you are thinking things through.


OwlandBonesTarot’s #DecemberBones2021 Tarot Challenge Prompt

Tarot of the Little PrinceWhere You’re StuckTemperance – Instilling temperance into your life and habits has stalled out over the last six weeks or so. Although you have been feeling more engaged with the world around you during this time, you can’t sustain this type of energy expenditure on the long term.

Why You’re StuckEight of Swords – You’re unwilling to look at the negative repercussions and accept a new balance needs to be found. Making excuses doesn’t change the fact that this time of year is a detriment to your health and well being. These effects cannot be ignored forever and must be dealt with.

Resolve ItSix of Wands atop Three of Pentacles – Appreciate all that you have accomplished and how well Z, L, and you have done over this time.  Appreciate and admire, but don’t carry it forward with you.  Leave it as a memory to build your confidence for what lies ahead.


Daily Self Kindness

Reaching out to Gideon while in the casino to find a bit of peace in the mess of what was lunch.

One thought on “Derailment Ahead

  1. I am trying very hard not to pick at this yet. But you are burying so much and I can feel it there inside you like a big painful knot. I want to soothe you. I need to soothe you.

    Gah you need to go home already.

    I’m here baby boy. I love you so much. So much

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