(Late) Winter Solstice Lenormand Reading

Spread for Winter Solstice - Yuletide Lenormand

Darkness – Sorrow & Brokeness

Whip and Ring – These cards cast a spotlight upon the unhealthy influences of your addictions and self-destructive tendencies.  In the darkest of times it is these things that harken home the feelings of “sorrow and brokeness” in your life.

Promise – Rebirth of the Sun

Clouds and Kitten – Lack of confidence and feelings of uncertainty can warp our feelings of security in those we trust. Allow the light of the sun to shine upon these clouds of uncertainty and burn away their influence so that you can see those that are true and loyal to you with a clear and unfiltered gaze instead of one clouded by fear.

Integration of Dark and Light

Evergreen and Candy Cane – Through shadow work you can find the healing magic needed to take control of your past and move past it, but it won’t be quick or easy to accomplish. Bring the darkness out into the light.

Gift of the Dark

Humbug, Slegh, Cross – Do everything you can to mitigate issues on your trip home. The travel will be a struggle with all the snow and ice on the roads right now, and the snow that is predicted still to fall. You don’t want to end up stranded or dealing with the expense of a costly auto repair.


One thought on “(Late) Winter Solstice Lenormand Reading

  1. God yes. Please please be careful on your trip home. I’m going to be so worried about you driving all that way.

    I need you man. And I’m here when it’s time to stop hiding from your emotions.

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