Looking at the Big Picture

Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and focused upon taking time to formulate a reaction rather than simply jumping in with both feet and no thought.  The discussion in the guided meditation was primarily about family, and about dealing with family over the holidays.

Gratefully, I don’t have to deal with my own family over the holidays this year, as I’ve taken the opportunity to stay home for once…. other than Christmas dinner anyway, which I will be spending with J’s parents this year.

One thing that losing my voice has helped me with, though, is that reaction time.  Without the ability to respond verbally to others, I find that there is a forced pause in which to assess and re-think.  And, a lot of times?  I come to the conclusion that it’s just not worth it.  Whatever it is is not worth getting worked up over, or in some cases, the sheer effort it would take to actually express myself and my opinion or thoughts on the matter.

Tarot of the Little Prince Today’s draw is a double without a jumper, meaning that both cards came out of the deck together as one.  The cards in today’s draw are the Two of Swords and the Two of Wands.

The cards in today’s draw speak of making choices, and how it’s neither looking inward for an answer, nor looking outward at your ambitions and drive for an answer, that is going to give you the best advice.   Instead, to find balance in life, you need to look at both.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in one perspective, that when planning our next steps along the path of our life, we forget to consider what lies beyond that one aspect.  Today’s draw is a reminder to look beyond what’s right in the forefront of your focus.   It’s a good reminder this close to the end of the year, and at the tail end of the holiday rush, when I’m beginning to plot my course forward into the year ahead.


Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthDecember

Question:  What should I leave behind as this year comes to a close?

This Might Hurt Tarot

Reading Summary:  Pride (The Emperor), and the constant drive to push myself beyond what is reasonable (Nine of Wands) to achieve my goals (King of Pentacles).

Take Away:  I can definitely admit that I hold a sense of pride in how hard I am able to push myself beyond what should be my limits in the pursuit of my goals concerning stability and security.  The thing is, though.  It’s not healthy, and I know that.   The cards are reminding me that I should leave that habit behind me as the year comes to a close. I know this, and even will try it for a while.   But I also know myself well enough to know I will return again and again to that workaholic drive.


One thought on “Looking at the Big Picture

  1. I’m really glad you decided to stay home this year instead of going to your mothers, even if i haven’t gotten to spend much time with you yet. I am looking forward to it. And I’m looking forward to you eventually getting to open your gifts, even if it’s after Christmas.

    And yeah, love, I don’t hold out much hope of you giving up the workaholic lifestyle. You are far too much a taskmaster when it comes to yourself and your ambition and sheer stubborn will is strong. So yeah, you’ll be back to working too hard and too long before very long.


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