Winter Chill Lenormand Reading

Winter Chill Lenormand Reading with the Vintage Yuletide Lenormand

What is dormant and waiting in my life right now?

Tower and Stars – For the holiday rush you had to set to the side a good deal of your spiritual practices and “do the responsible thing”, which required diligence and focus to be placed elsewhere.  That side of yourself is currently dormant and now awaiting a reawakening and restoration.

How can I find beauty in this stillness?

Scythe and Child – This moment of pause and peace gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your wounded inner child, and give them the attention they need and attend to their wounds you have brought to the fore during the holiday rush this year.

What new growth am I anticipating?

Fish and Moon – As you begin to open back up, becoming less rigid and more flexible in your life as you ease that choking grip on your control, you will be given the opportunity to reconnect with your emotions.  Don’t tense up and resist the process nor rush it along, but instead try to go with the flow and let them come at their own pace.

How can I approach this time of waiting with patience?

Key and Clouds – Don’t resist the confusion but instead relax into it.  The key to making it out the other side more easily is to accept that you can’t have clarity all the time, and sometimes by sitting in your confusion and uncertainty, answers will surface more easily for you than trying to force things into how you think they should be.


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