Presence & Persistence Tarot Reading

Presence & Persistence Tarot Reading with the Faunabelle Tarot

PRESENCE: What do I most need to be present with right now?

The Sun – Focus on the positive and push optimism right now. It’s time to start the climb out of your depression’s pit, and leaning into positivity can help you in scaling those walls. Lean into these themes and stay focused on where you want to go as the light begins to grow brighter and brighter above.

EASE: What do I need to ease off on?

Seven of Cups – Stop worrying so much about all of the different crap you need to do.  You’re unnecessarily overwhelming yourself.  Consider just doing one small thing a day.  Even just a tiny little thing is more than nothing and will keep you from getting stalled out with the overwhelming amount of options on what to do that are out there.  It’s about doing one small thing a day right now, not “what can we get done”.

PERSIST: What do I need to persist with, even if it’s challenging?

Five of Wands – Hold onto your moral compass and your values.  Push back is natural now and then, but don’t give up.  Instead, look at shifting your trajectory and those of others so you can unite your passions to a purpose instead of butting heads.

GIFT: What am I learning through all this?

Ace of Cups – You’re still at the beginning of your emotional learning journey.  You need to focus on enjoying the journey more instead of where you’re going or what you need to get done.


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