Growth Mindset Tarot Reading

Growth Mindset Reading - Traditional Tarot

Trunk: What core beliefs should I reevaluate?

The Magician and Ace of Cups – The believe that emotions should be “handled” rather than experienced. That they are a tool to be used to further one’s goals and mold one’s future, rather than a reward and connection to something greater than ourselves.

Weeds: What needs to be cleared away?

The High Priestess Rx – You have intuitive blockages that need to be cleared away. You have far greater potential hidden within you. You are holding yourself back.

Buds: What new growth is possible for me?

Eight of Pentacles atop Judgement – Anything you set your mind to honing with the intent of carrying with you to the end. You have only to begin. There is absolutely nothing in your way that will keep you from learning any skill or ability that strikes your interest.  To choose those you want to explore, it is the longevity of usefulness that you need to consider.

Branches: What beliefs about myself should I expand the season?

Four of Cups and Two of Cups – Rejecting help from others hurts more than just you. It doesn’t make you more independent, and doesn’t make you stronger.

Pruning: What beliefs about myself should I release?

King of Pentacles – That you will ever be truly satisfied and feel 100% stable. It’s not possible, as you will always be growing and expanding, and thus always seeking more.  Each time you reach the “stability” you thought you wanted, there will be a greater sense of stability and satisfaction just out of reach to then work toward.

Photosynthesis: Where is transformation possible?

Two of Pentacles – More balance can be had. Don’t lose focus on this goal.


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