Purification and Repurposing

Today’s meditation was skipped.  I really need to get back on the horse with this.  I tell myself this every day in the evening, and then in the morning I end up skipping again.  It really bothers me that I can’t seem to get myself back into a regular practice with this.

Animal Guides DeckToday’s draw is the Vulture card. This is a card from an oracle deck, so there is no traditional meaning. There is, on the other hand, the common metaphysical meanings that come with this animal spirit, which includes life cycles and death, resourcefulness, scavenger mentality, and purification.

This animal asks us to take a look at our habits and our methods in life.  Where can we do better to reduce waste?  What can we recycle or reuse that we’re wasting instead?

Whether we are shedding possessions from our lives, or looking to step up in our environmental responsibilities, today’s card is about examining how we can do better.  How can we bring new life to old things, purify them, and repurpose them into something useful or better rather than simply tossing them aside or throwing them out?


#DiscordTarotholicsFeb2022 Challenge Prompt
Topic for February 28th
: Grab a spread of your choice that you’ve been curious about… and give it a go!

Animal Guides Deck

What animal represents something I lack at this moment?

Snowy Owl – Clarity. There is sneaky shit going on around you and in the current clouded state that you find your mind to be in right now, you are not able to see things clearly and make the precision judgement necessary to deal with things as you normally would.

What animal represents my current energy best?

Hummingbird – Trusting and grateful. Busy.  Perhaps a little bit too trusting. You have the ability to find great joy in the little things that are pleasurable to you, but you need to pay attention to them in order to do so… otherwise you are starving yourself of the sweetness and joy that life has to offer.

What animal energy am I asked to embody right now?

Hyena – There is strength in independence and in thinking for yourself.  Don’t allow naysayers and the judgements of others to silence your voice. When you are misunderstood or misinterpreted?  Remember not to shoulder -all- of the blame by yourself.  If you are speaking your truth openly and clearly, part of the onus lies with those willing to believe the worst of you rather than making the effort to understand what you’re trying to say.

What animal can help me give closure to something in my past?

Dragonfly – Don’t lose sight of the fact that you view the world through your perceptions and experiences, and everyone else views their life through theirs.  It’s okay to not always be able to see things from within their shoes… that you’ve tried to do so is enough.

What animal can aid me in my present dealings?

Cat – Remember that you can be graceful even in the moments when you are stumbling, fumbling, or falling.  You are dexterous and flexible, with a great deal of adaptability under your hat  when you need it. This means that when you run into road blocks, hurdles, and obstacles in your path, you have the ability to adapt and keep moving instead of being held back by these issues.

What animal can guide me towards the desired outcome of my goals?

Wolf – Structure, ritual, and routine are not your enemy.  They can help you to set yourself free for more enjoyable aspects of life if you utilize them to your benefit.


Daily Self Kindness

I went to the chiropractor today, and I finished pulling the rest of the decks for March.  I also spent a huge portion of today with Gideon, which was wonderful.

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