Responsibility Day

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Meta-Barons TarotToday’s draw is the Emperor, which is traditionally a representation of father figure type energy, responsibilities, strength, authority, and a “for the greater good” mentality.

For the greater good and “bucking up” to get a few things done is what today’s card is about.  Yesterday I put things off, but today, I need to get a few things done so that tomorrow (which is Gideon’s birthday) can be free to spend time with him.

That means bucking up and doing the stuff that I need to get done like pulling decks for March and starting some of the orders to be shipped out next Friday.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheFebruaryTarot Kindred Spirits Challenge Prompt
Questions for February 25th thru 28th

Meta-Barons TarotIn what way have I grown throughout this February journey?

The Devil – You have advanced and being able to identify when you’re reaching an unhealthy point in your addictions and fascinations, before you actually reach a critical breaking point.

How can I further honor the ancestral divine powers within me?

The Emperor and Knight of Coins – Claim your place within this power and begin taking control for a better future. Just remember to take things slow as you move forward.

What part of me should I leave behind now in support of my power?

Judgement – Don’t be so harsh to judge yourself. Focus more on the now and let your moral compass guide you, instead of casting your gaze forward all the time into the future.

What am I asked to take to heart before giving closure to February?

Eight of Wands and The Tower – Rushing will only rush you headlong into a Tower moment. Don’t push. Take things at your own pace so that you have more time to prepare for those moments instead of having to rush into them headlong.


Daily Self Kindness

Today I pulled (most of) the decks that I will be using for March. There’s a few that I will need to pull another day, but I chose to stop when my back demanded I stop instead of continuing to push on. This means that tomorrow is free for Gideon’s birthday instead of me having to work on this tomorrow. I can pull the rest of them on Monday after I’ve given my back a bit of rest.