Enriching Our Lives With Others

Today’s meditation was another quiet ten minute session of sinking into centering while working through my breathing exercises and piriformis / forearm stretches.

Tarot de LuzToday’s draw is the Two of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of connection and unification, mutual attraction, and alignment of feelings with another.

Here in this imagery, what I see is not so much about others, but about what the connection with others can do for us.  The centering it creates, the surety of foot through life’s path it can foster, the connection with the world around us that it inspires.   Where alone we may be great, we’re better together… that’s what this imagery says.  Love makes things better… makes everything better, even if just by way of a small bit in some instances.

The card today is an encouragement not to block people out.  It’s a reminder that by opening our hearts to others, we enrich not just their lives, but also our own.


#DiscordTarotholicsFeb2022 Challenge Prompt
Topic for February 6th
: Do Spread #1

February is often about making plans and preparations for the arrival of spring just around the corner. Plans and preparations are great! But they are only the first step. Use the three cards pulled in this spread to discover what signs you should keep an eye out to tell you when it’s finally time to take action.

Магия Сердца Oракул and Kei Tarot LoveSigns for Action in February

Seduction – Keep a watch on your addictions, specifically for those that are trying to stretch beyond the healthy boundaries you’ve put in place for yourself.

Area of Life Action Will Be Needed In for February

Page of Cups – Emotion are a major drive behind when your addictions become too tempting. Instead of indulging in “comforting acts” that feed your addictions, use this month to explore your emotions more deeply and learn from them.

Signs for Action in March

Movement atop Pervert – Be sure to pay attention when you start to feel the need to rush to the point that you are willing to sacrifice quality and your normal standards just to “get it done”.

Area of Life Action Will Be Needed In for March

Nine of Cups – You need to examine if these shortcuts are really going to make you happy, or if it’s something that’s going to be looked back on later as “Damn, I wish I done that the right way the first time.” Make sure you are focusing on your long-term satisfaction, instead of the momentary pleasure of a job being over.

Signs for Action in April

Deal – Keep an eye out for any agreements, contracts (and contract renewals), promises, and other types of deals that may arise this month.

Area of Life Action Will Be Needed In for April

Wheel of Fortune atop The Magician Rx – If you are feeling powerless, and like everything feels out of control, make sure you look into things deeper instead of just allowing these feelings to sit and grow. Act and be assertive instead of getting into something that feels wrong or unbalanced.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheFebruaryTarot Kindred Spirits Challenge Prompt
Questions for February 6th

Tarot de LuzWhat are three of my best personal qualities? {selected, not drawn}

The Hanged Man – The ability to step back and see things from multiple perspectives, and the desire to truly understand these perspectives that are not my own.

Justice – An extremely rigid moral compass that is not based of others expectations or society’s rules, but off of what feels right to and for me. This includes a need for fairness, balance, and consequences.

The Hierophant – The desire to help others in finding their path, the urge to share my knowledge and teach. Because my own path is alternative in nature, it helps these teachings and guidance from becoming too rigid where flexibility is needed.

How can I use each quality to grow within/towards what I love? {drawn, not selected}

The Hanged ManThree of Swords – Make sure that you don’t allow this ability to dip into others perspectives end up dragging you down. You already carry a good deal of disappointment concerning humanity as a whole. Don’t intentionally go looking for more.

JusticeKnave of Cups – Make more allowances for emotional factors. You are on a path of learning and growth emotionally right now, and that will at times bring moments of uncertainty. It’s natural and a part of your growth, not something to struggle against. Think outside the box and use your imagination more in these moments.

The HierophantTen of Wands – Remember that no matter how passionate you are about something, you can still only take on so much. Don’t allow your passion and desire to help others turn into a burden or result in burnout.


Daily Self Kindness

I put off doing laundry until tomorrow.  I’m not sure if this is a self kindness because I just wasn’t in the mood for it… or unhealthy avoidant behavior.

❤️ Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Eros Tarot, Yoru no Sumi-E Light Edition, Lighthearted Lenormand

EarthPage of Wands and Kintsugi – Breaking is a part of growing. In order to become more whole and a more beautiful soul, you must break and then mend the cracks. At the moment? Your cracks are showing.

This is a reminder that I need to take a break. Everyone needs rest once in a while in their passions and on their journeys. I have time scheduled in two weeks to have some time off, but these cards indicate if I want to make it to that point two weeks from now, I’m going to need to let myself have some time now.

There is also a reminder in here that I need to call and get my appointments made with my shrink for 2022.  I usually get them made in November, but with the whole death thing last November combined with the holiday rush, I just forgot.

AirKing of Swords and Communication – Level up. Communicate. Be assertive. Lead. These cards are a reminder of who you are, where your strengths lie, and that you need to stand strong in that and not allow others to tear you down.

WaterNine of Cups and Harmony – This week be sure to spend some time sinking into the things that make you feel good and content and happy. Acknowledging and indulging in them a bit in the week ahead will help instill harmony where things are currently feeling chaotic.

FireThe Chariot and Healing – Lean into healing this week and adopt it as your main priority. If this means speaking out (an echo to the Air position in this reading), do so.  If it means wallowing in those things that make you feel good?  Do it.  Take charge of your healing and what needs done for it to not just thrive, but flourish.

Eros TarotFound on the FloorThe Sun – Make sure that you are not abandoning your efforts towards positivity and optimism during this time.

WaningScythe and Snake – Set your feelings of being attacked and the rise of emotions that came from it aside.

You’ve had a bit of time to examine why you reacted as you did, and to continue to hold onto these feelings and dwell over the experiences will only drag you down or cause you to make poor decisions in the future. Don’t allow these things to influence bad future decisions, but instead set them aside and leave them behind.

WaxingDog and Lady – Look toward those you trust and know are loyal to you, especially of the female persuasion.

Take Away – In the waxing position, it doesn’t say why I should be looking in this direction, only that I should pay closer attention.  Whatever is coming, I will need their help or they will help mitigate the effects of.  Or it is possible they will bring something into my life this week that is needed.

The rest of this is about finding balance in my life this week, where I’ve been feeling unbalanced.  The cards here are all guidance on “finding myself” as I try to pull myself out of my current funk.  As this trend spreads through the entire reading, that it is where the “loyal woman” comes into the picture as well.