Transitions Lenormand Reading

Transition Lenotmand Reading - Storytale Lenormand Deck

What shift is taking place in my life?

Clover and Snake – There’s lots of opportunities that look awfully good coming your way, but you need to be careful that you don’t let an opportunity that looks just right end up biting you in the ass. That “grass is always greener” mentality isn’t really true, so make sure you are paying attention to your assumptions.  You want to catch this before it matures. Better self awareness is needed.

What needs to be released so that I can welcome this change?

Tower and Gentleman – Being too on guard is not healthy. It’s not walls that you need in order to protect yourself from the snake among the grass and clover patches.  It’s awareness and strength, as well as owning up to one’s choices and responsibilities.

How will this support my continued growth?

Paths and Lily – Clearer thinking and better decision making will grow from this if you allow yourself to shift with these transitions and follow the wisdom lain out here.


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