Be Ready to Adapt

Today’s meditation was skipped.

After TarotToday’s draw is the Two of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of finding balance between the different aspects of one’s life, juggling responsibilities, prioritization, and managing one’s time wisely.

It’s this last bit from the traditional meaning above that this card is about for me today.  It’s about making sure I pace myself and don’t push too hard.  It’s about not getting impatient, but just allowing extra time to get the things done I need to, no matter the obstacles that might slow me down along the way.

Today is my trip north, and I have a few stops along the way as well. There’s the risk of there being issues at the border on the way back south as well to consider.  All in all, there’s a lot to get done and even though I’m leaving early to make sure I give myself extra time, this card indicates I may need to practice a bit of patience and adjust my plans on the fly in order to get everything that needs done fit into my day.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheFebruaryTarot Kindred Spirits Challenge Prompt
Questions for February

After TarotHow can I best honor my ancestors?

The Hermit and The Devil – The journey you seek to pursue a solitary one.  You need to make sure that in your pursuit of a deeper connection and honing your skills in mediumship that you don’t allow it to turn into an unhealthy pursuit.

How can I use their knowledge to leave my own {positive} mark in the world?

Ten of Pentacles and Four of Cups – Don’t waste the good stuff.  There’s plenty of small pleasures in the world that can make your life better.  Like raindrops that fill up a bucket, over time these good things build up and fill your life with joy.  Make sure you are not forsaking these small pleasures, for they are where true treasure lies.


Daily Self Kindness

I stopped for food instead of waiting the extra amount of time it would take to get home.  I really just wanted to go home, but it was a better idea to eat first.

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