Fresh Start Lenormand Reading

Fresh Start Lenormand Reading - The Chelsea Lenormand Red Edition

What is beginning to emerge in my life?

Book and Cross – The ability to add more skills and knowledge under your belt. There’s more to learn, and you are beginning to research all the avenues available to you to make this new venue of research into a success.  This is about the research I have been doing in making myself a functioning commerce website.  There’s a lot of options out there and a lot to learn to make things work.

How does this represent a fresh start for me?

Heart and Letter – Think of this as a love letter to yourself. By bringing this into being, you are giving yourself a sense of security that you have been lacking. It is an act of self-care and a message of self-love as you begin to work at providing for yourself something you’ve recently discovered that you desperately need.

How can I support this new cycle of growth?

Clover and Bouquet – Positivity and an optimistic outlook.  You need to not just see this new cycle as a self-kindness, but put to work the efforts to stay positive in order to keep things open for growth so that you don’t close down, close up, and end up becoming stagnant.  That positive outlook and energy will help keep things on the right track and flowing smoothly.


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