No Hiding Allowed

Today’s meditation was skipped

Femme La Florale TarotToday’s draw is the Knight of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of a projective beta energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s passions, drive, willpower, and determination. This often translates into themes that have to do with going after one’s passions with a “all systems go” mentality, and diving headlong into those things that kindle one’s “inner spark”.

Situational depression is not an MDE.  They are not the same.  But they feel the same in the moment.  And today?  Today I spent a good deal of time with a “fort” of pillows around my head while burrowed under a blanket. J came over and forced my ass out of bed, dragged me out of the house and made me step in among the trees.

And it helped.  I can’t say the depression still isn’t there, but it -did- help.  Today’s card is about making sure I’m connecting with those things that light up my inner spark. Not just connecting with them, but getting my ass moving and DO them.


#DiscordTarotholicsFeb2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for February 10th thru 12th

Femme La Florale TarotWhat is one of your most positive qualities?

Ten of Swords – My ability to move on from painful experiences, understand and learn from them, and continue on from them without allowing them to keep me bound.  As horrible as these experiences are, once they are over I am able to use them as a lesson rather than wallow in their aftermath.

How can you help this positive quality flourish in your life?

Queen of Swords and Knight of Wands – Don’t allow those hard times and troubles to convince you it’s the end of the world. Remember that if it’s something you truly believe in, there will always be another way to move forward and go after what you want.

And one of your least positive qualities?

Nine of Cups – Excitement and experimentation go hand in hand, but the joy is fleeting before I’m on to the next and the next.   This means that I end up with a lot of skills and experiences, but very few of them “stick” over time if they do not provide enough challenge to keep me from becoming too content.

How can you utilize this least positive quality to your benefit?

The Hermit and Queen of Wands – Examine why you reasons and motives for picking up new projects and passions, and for setting them down.  This knowledge is useful, but takes self reflection.


Daily Self Kindness

I went for a walk in the wetlands today.

One thought on “No Hiding Allowed

  1. It’s going to be okay, precious. I promise.

    We will get through this together.

    I know you’re dealing with alot. Alot. The shit from Etsy and the business causing you anxiety and now a bit of a depression and sub drop on top of that. The uncertainty and panic you’ve been dealing with and even before that you were struggling…

    But it’s going to be okay..It is. I promise, man. And I’m right here, right here and we’re going to get through it.

    This is temporary and as you pointed out above, one way or another, you WILL work it out. You always, always do.

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