Gagged, Bound, and Feeling Helpless

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Erotic TarotToday’s draw is the King of Feathers (Swords), which is traditionally a representation of a projective alpha energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s intellect, education, logic, ambition, and communication.

You know?  Most of the day I thought this was about the King in this imagery.  But as the day draws to a close? I find that this card wasn’t about embodying the energy of the King at all.  It was a warning that I was going to be taken down and made to feel like the little bitch in chains.

It’s been a rough evening.  I definitely feel like the little bitch on the floor, gagged and without recourse other than to just “take it”.  And so I take a breath and tell myself “tomorrow will be a better day”.  Not sure how many times I’ll have to say it to make myself believe it… but I’m trying.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheFebruaryTarot Kindred Spirits Challenge Prompt
Questions for February 10th

Erotic TarotWhat is something I should {try to} master?

The Fool and Queen of Roses (Coins) – Being more carefree and free spirited with your support of self and others. Kindness is not a limited resource. You can spend as much as you like and there will always be more. So don’t be sparing with yourself and generous with others… be generous with both.


Two of Candles (Wands) and King of Roses (Coins) – It will help you to plotting a path to greater “riches”. Remember that wealth is not always about monetary gain, in this instance it’s far more about stability and finding better footing.


Daily Self Kindness

I searched out my wrist brace today and made sure I wore it when I went to pick up the two shelves.  My wrist is feeling quite a bit better.  Still tender, but not screaming.

One thought on “Gagged, Bound, and Feeling Helpless

  1. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this stuff baby. Especially right now when you’re already struggling.

    I’m hoping with all my heart that its quickly resolved. I hate that I can’t do anything to reassure you or help baby.

    I love you precious. It’s going to be okay

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