Quality Takes Time

Today’s meditation was done in the car as a passenger.  I was having a bit of car sickness and used the meditation and breathing exercises to help in keeping everything settled and calm.

Tarot de CarlotydesToday’s draw is the Seven of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of slow moving progress towards one’s goals, sustainability, success through hard work and patience, and reaping the rewards of your labors.

Here in today’s card, the imagery is very much about the reaping of one’s hard eared rewards.  A tree takes a long time to grow and begin to bear fruit.  Here, we see a figure harvesting the fruit of their labors and patience, a basket waiting to be filled. The tree, once fruit bearing, will bear fruit again and again, and with the water near by, has all that it needs to continue to offer bounty far into the future.

Today’s card is a reminder that just because patience is a part of the process doesn’t discount the hard work involved.  Instead, it adds power and energy to the cause, as patience is sometimes a form of labor all in itself. Don’t be  impatient to reap your rewards. Let them flourish into fruition and grow healthy and strong at their own pace and you will find that your patience pays off with a more bountiful reward and sweeter fruit.


#DiscordTarotholicsFeb2022 Challenge Prompt
: Do the Imbolc Spread

Tarot de CarlotydesWhat seeds need planted in my life right now?

Judgement – You  need to be less hard on yourself and look at things in a more positive light. Don’t allow negative outlooks to drag you down when there is so much to enjoy and celebrate in life.

What preparations do I need to begin making to prepare for their growth?

Three of Wands – Look at where you want to go and what you want to accomplish and remember that the only way to overcome obstacles (the thistle and the dragon) is to instill positivity into the situations that would otherwise drag you down.

What in my life is beginning a phase of reawakening and renewal?

Ten of Wands Rx – Letting go of the need to overburden yourself all of the time in order to feel useful or accomplished. There was an article in Lifehacker this week about Productivity Dysmorphia, and this is something that you struggle a lot with. Your awareness of this is a reawakening and the renewal comes with the awareness and ability to change this behavior for something healthier.

How can I best foster that awakening?

Nine of Swords – Remember that your internal narrative is not reality. Don’t chain yourself to those thoughts and allow them to take over.


Daily Self Kindness

I relaxed in the passenger seat on the drive today.

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