Morning Bonus Read – Life Tests

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Standardized testing season starts this week in our local schools. This week, do a reading about the tests in your life.

Adorable White Rabbits Playing CardsWhat tests are you facing right now?
Six of Spades

Finding  a healthy harmony between my ambition and my need for self care. My efforts to move on from the slave driver mentality of how I’ve treated myself in the past includes many opportunities to backslide into bad habits.  Keep moving forward.

What steps in your past have prepared you for these tests?
Nine of Hearts

I have been learning over the past few years how to be more grateful… more conscious, aware, and mindfully grateful of those things and people that make my life pleasurable and happy.

What steps can you take in the present to help you navigate your present tests?
King of Spades

Own my shit.  Be self aware and pragmatic instead of caving to the unreasonable inner pressures of my history and my habits. Own my ambitions, but come at them from a grounded and responsible way.

What tests await you in the near future?
Jack of Hearts

A continuation of my emotional growth is what lies in my near future.  This is not surprising, but rather planned for.  I want to continue the growth of my emotional intelligence, and learning about my emotions and how best identify and handle them in a healthy way.   I know this is a long journey, perhaps a lifelong one, but I am anticipating (and hopeful for) another “growth spurt like the one I worked through last spring/summer.

What steps can you take in the present to help prepare yourself for these future tests?
Queen of Spades

Deal with your “mommy issues”. [This was recently brought up in a previous reading and is an echo of that previous reading’s advice.]


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Life Tests

  1. I love you, man.

    Remember that when you are needing to deal with your “mommy issues” or any other issues…I’m here for you. Here to listen and support you. Always

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