Smelling Roses… or Tulips

Today’s meditation was skipped because I was lazy as hell and stayed in bed way longer than I had intended to.  As my first day off, I think it’s fair to say that I did a good job in lazing about, even if I didn’t actually meditate.

Rabbit Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Seven of Tulips (Cups) which is traditionally a representation of being presented with a wide variety of choices.  This can be a book of fortune that allows you to select exactly what you want or what is best for you, but sometimes it can also be overwhelming and lead to confusion and indecision.

What stands out to me in this card is the oh-so-very dejected angle of the rabbit’s ears.  He’s really innit now, yeah?  Completely flummoxed and without a clue just which flower he wants to eat first.  His good fortune is in the bounty of options available to him… and yet, it sometimes doesn’t feel that way when you’re having trouble choosing.

Combined with the Thera-Pets card for today, what I see here is a need to slow down. You don’t have to choose your path right this instant.  Life is not a race.  Slow down.  As long as you’re still moving forward, that’s what really matters.  Maybe the rabbit just needs to pause and take some time to smell the flowers before choosing one.


The Sacred Grounds Tarot Club Prompt
: Where does my creativity need nurturing?

Seventh Sphere Tarot de Marseille

Reading Summary: Everywhere (The World) you are passionate about (Five of Wands), but with moderation and a balanced approach (Temperance).

Weirdness Side Note:  The World card here in this deck reminds today me of a vagina.  The Star card in this deck reminds me today of a uterus diagram.  Both of these connect to a need for that nurturing energy to be poured into how I deal with the conflict I’m feeling in the area of my creativity.

Take Away:  Honestly?  My creativity has been suffering since the new year.  Or… well, maybe since November. Between the holiday rush and then the MDE that followed, my creative spark has been taking a bit of a beating.  And… I admit I’ve been beating up on  myself a little bit for its lackluster enthusiasm in this area.  It’s really not like me… at least not the me I’m used to.

The need for time off and some time to recover has been pretty intense for the past few days, and what I see here is that there isn’t one particular area where I need to direct that nurturing energy, but rather I need to work on being kinder to myself and make sure as I move forward into my recovery that I take things slow so that I don’t overwhelm myself as my enthusiasm starts to respark.


#DiscordTarotolicsApr2021 Challenge Prompt
: How can you tap into additional inspiration this month?

Rabbit TarotReading Summary: Take things slow and smell the roses (Knight of Tulips). Take time to really delve into and enjoy (Queen of Sticks) the creative manifestation that helps root you (Ace of Daisies).

Take Away:  It’s not so much about going after things as it is about taking some time to appreciate what’s already there. Chill.  Enjoy.  Maybe wallow just a little bit.  It’s okay to have a little fun this month and it’s okay to take a break to do that.

This is a fitting message for my time off, and a reminder to allow myself to enjoy this time instead of feeling bad about not getting things done or pressuring myself to get other non-work stuff done since I’m not doing work stuff.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m actually playing catch up at the moment, so I can’t really remember what it is that I did on the 3rd for self kindness, but I bet I played with Gideon in our new realm… and that counts!

One thought on “Smelling Roses… or Tulips

  1. We are both playing catch up here today *Chuckles* And I’m so far behind.

    I’ve really been enjoying this week with you, all the time with you. We’ve played hours and hours and I’m jonesing for me. I need more. Goddamn I wish you were here.

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