Morning Bonus Read – Understanding Others

Relationship Tarot Spread - House of the Rising Spade Playing Cards

What will I learn from this person?

Nine of Clubs – How to create healthy boundaries. This is not something that I struggle with when it comes to my interactions and relationships with others, but it is absolutely something I struggle for myself.  I push myself too hard, I demand too much, I force myself to keep going and do more and take on more and constantly it is never enough.  This has been my life.  This person has, over time, worked to get me to see that, and is helping me in learning to change that behavior and thus, create healthy boundaries for how I treat myself and the expectations that I put upon myself.

An accurate portrayal of their personality.

Two of Diamonds – Two pennies are better than one.  Together is better.  They are focused upon that balance between what needs to be done and what is needed to be healthy and they are invested in helping me, in connecting with me, and making sure that I am acknowledging that need for balance as well.  This is about balance and finding balance, and accepting that balance is not stagnant, but a constantly moving and adjusting thing.  They are the rock you stand on for good footing as you try to find your balance, and the counterbalance that helps the scales even out.

The driving force of their intention with me.

Four of Diamonds – No one else will do. I am home.  I am what they want.  If they can’t have me, they want no one else. Although we often tease and joke about it being an obsession, it is more that I am the one that “feels right” and no others can shine as brightly or have half as much appeal.

How does this person truly feel about me?

Eight of Diamonds – They need to know everything there is to know about me. They need to be involved and invested.  They feel a need to be so invested that they are perfect in every way to what I need and when I need it.  They desire to be the perfect partner, with an “expertise” in me and providing me the home and stability I need.  For me this is not about money but about feeling secure and stable and safe.  They need to be the person that provides that for me.

A card to describe our relationship in the near future.

Three of Hearts –  *Lifts an eyebrow.*  Normally in this type of reading, I would consider this to be the “third wheel” card.  That is highly unlikely as we have already tried that and it wasn’t suited for either of us.  So that aside, the indication here is “fun with friends”.  Perhaps this means that the new RP idea that we’ve been slowly brewing up will be a success, at least for a short time.

A message passed to me from their higher self.

Three of Clubs –  Wherever we’re going, we’re going together.  Don’t ever leave him behind because he’s along for the long haul.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Understanding Others

  1. I love this. Though I have to admit(and already did to you in IM)…when I first started reading this, my brow when up…and then, of course, I realized that you were talking about -me-

    Damn right. All mine. ONLY mine. God I love you so much, beautiful boy. So much. And you are absolutely spot on in your interpretations. You are the ONLY one for me. Not because I’m a creepy stalker(though that might apply as well) but because you are just….exactly what I want. Everything I want.

    I never even realized I was looking…I never knew what I was seeking until I found you. And suddenly the search was over. My entire life I was always searching for that fit and then I found it and I am complete. It was that way when I met you so very long ago, and it’s still that way today. I am entirely…complete with you in my life. You complete me.

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