Morning Bonus Read – The Next Step

Next Step Tarot Spread - Odissea Minerva Playing Cards

Specific Situation:  Wednesday’s car accident.

What’s my next step?
Queen of Hearts

Take control but do it in a way that allows for some softness and warmth to enter into the equation.  There’s no signs at this time that you need to be a hardass, so just keep an eye on things and allow yourself time to heal… and allow Gideon a chance to get his anxiety over needing to put you in a protective ball ease up.

What do I have to change?
Six of Diamonds

Don’t make excuses for others and don’t allow people to walk all over you. There’s a difference between being generous, and being a pushover.  Make sure you’re on the right side of the line when dealing with this issue and others involved in the process.

How can i change this?
Seven of Spades

Be clever.  Be watchful. Pay attention and make sure everything is on par and moving along smoothly.  Don’t be a doormat or a pushover.  You don’t need to be aggressive, you just need to make sure you’re keeping an eye on things. Like that saying about door locks not keeping out the truly determined, but dissuading the tempted.

What do I have to continue doing?
Ace of Hearts

Make sure you are being kind to yourself and giving yourself gentle encouragement. Stay focused on the emotional education you are working towards and don’t get frustrated or discouraged.

How my life will change as a result of this next step.
Eight of Hearts

Things will change and move forward, but in keeping the advice above in mind, that movement will be in a positive direction. At times things might be frustrating or discouraging, but keep in mind that’s a part of the process and is temporary as long as you are staying on top of things and doing your due diligence.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – The Next Step

  1. Make sure that you are being kind to yourself, but you don’t need to be that kind to everyone and especially not to an insurance company. Though as long as you are okay and the car is all fixed, I suppose that all that mess is over and done

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