Don’t Be Impulsive When Torn

Today’s meditation was skipped, but I plan on doing it before bed tonight.  There was a reason but for the life of me I can’t remember what the hell it was.  I think I just couldn’t concentrate with all the noise outside.  They’re starting to work on the property across the back alley from me and I need to work on getting used to the sounds coming from over there… especially since it’s probably going to be an all spring/summer/fall experience.

A Siren's Melody Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Two of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of struggling with difficult decisions or being torn in two directions at the same time and needing to find a way to choose.   It’s all about being in your head and the choices that are sometimes a struggle to make, especially when overthinking and not looking outward for answers.

I see that little person among the chaos of color and shape, and it reminds me of the chaos in one’s brain when confronted with two choices and unable to untangle one’s moral compass and logic enough to find the right choice to make.

Although this isn’t something that happens to me often, it has happened a few times, and I’ve always hated that tangled mess feeling that clouds the brain during these moments.   What I see in this card is that the person struggling with this issue has become surrounded by it, and the way out is murky at best.

When combined with the Thera-Pets card for today, what I see here is a reminder that when in the middle of these moments of indecision, it’s okay to slow down and take your time.  It’s okay not to make that decision right this second.  Instead, take some time, move slowly,  and see if things don’t become clearer if you move a little slower.


LionHart’s Whispering Woods Tarot Challenge Prompt
: What good am I creating that is not directly visible?

Tarot of the Old Path

Reading Summary: Generosity paid forward in the past (Six of Pentacles atop Six of Cauldrons) has created joy for others (Three of Cauldrons) and helped sustain them in times of melancholy (Four of Cauldrons).

Take Away: This is about my business and the joy that I create for others through the pieces that I make and spread throughout the world.  It brings me a great deal of pleasure to create beautiful jewelry and send it off to those that purchase from  me for those others to enjoy. Even though I very rarely see the results of other’s receiving these items, I take pleasure in knowing that these items are going to someone that will appreciate them, find joy in them, and that in wearing them it lifts them up and makes them feel good.  I put my intentions towards this end into each and every piece I create.


#DiscordTarotolicsMar2021 Challenge Prompt
: How can I improve upon where I am physically over the week ahead?

A Siren's Melody TarotReading Summary: Use the creme (Nine of Wands). Ask for advice (The Hierophant). Be kind (Queen of Cups).

Take Away: Okay so this is totally going to be a TMI reading, apparently.  SO… when I was on my last hike, my fucking underwear had some weird thing going on with the seam and I’ve ended up with an abrasion/irritation rash at the crease of my inner thigh.

It’s unpleasant as hell and the advice here is to first and foremost defend against it getting worse.  That’s where the creme comes in, as well as being very picky about my boxer-briefs for the next little while.  The second advice is to seek help, and I already have an appointment with the doc later this week for other stuff (blood tests, et al) and will ask him his advice while I’m there.  The third step here is in kindness.  It’s an indication I need to treat this rash gingerly and not be impatient or neglectful concerning its care.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m staying up late to get a little extra time with Gideon tonight.

One thought on “Don’t Be Impulsive When Torn

  1. UGH A noisy summer is going to drive you insane. The air conditioner noise already accomplishes that by itself.

    *Whispering his own advice in your ear and grinning* I love you, my heart. And I am jealous that your sterile kitchen floor got most of our time tonight. But I still appreciate what I did get.

    *Then whispers again* I’ll make it better, baby…..

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