Morning Bonus Read – The Guides

1870 Cartes a Jouer du Belles Cartes LtdWhat are my guides most proud of me for at this time?
Seven of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds, Seven of Spades

They are proud of me for prioritizing finding a nurturing balance despite my constant struggle to downgrade how much responsibility I’m putting on my plate and my feeling as if I’m doing something wrong when I take time for self care and rest.

How can I continue to garner that pride?
Jack of Diamonds

Slow and steady but always forward.  It’s important to look for new ways to look at and put into action these new priorities.  Don’t just set them on the back burner or tuck them in a corner to think about or worry about later.  Keep them at the forefront even when progress is slow.

What advice do they have for me emotionally?
Two of Hearts

Connecting with others will help in continuing to lift me up and keep me balanced.  Don’t allow myself to close myself off to others and the emotional support that they have to offer.  Each of the people in your life that makes up your support system has their unique skills and influences that can benefit you just as yours benefit them in turn.

What advice do they have for me mentally?
Three of Spades

Don’t allow your depression to suck you backward. You’re making progress, moving away from the darkness and pain of the pit you’d slid into.  Don’t look back.

What advice do they have for me physically?
Ace of Spades

Be open to new ideas on how to incorporate activity into your life.  The whole knife-through-the-foot thing has slowed you down and will keep you from doing the harder trails and more intensive hiking you’re used to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out on easy paths and spend time communing with nature in these more “beginner” ways while you heal.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – The Guides

  1. You are doing great, baby. You just keep fighting the good fight, you keep that stubborn insistence alive and going and keep climbing, my love. Keep reaching for that light that’s just ahead through the trees. Reach for my hand, stretch….you’re almost home, babyboy. Keep looking forward

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