Morning Bonus Read – 7 Questions from

The prompt for this reading came from an article on called 7 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves at the End of the Year which reminds us that “whatever chapter of life you are in, ongoing reflection and goal setting will help you turn into a better version of yourself, no matter what happened in your past.”

1. Who or what would you like to praise?
The answer to this can be acknowledging or praising anything: a mentor, a family member, or an inspiring figure. It doesn't matter. The important component of this question is understanding why you want to acknowledge them. So often we aspire and respect others because there is something within them that we aspire to embody within ourselves.

Aurum LenormandGarden – Those that I interact with.  Those in my social circle.  That includes those that I interact with over social media, friends that I keep in contact with over the internet, and the wonderful community I am a part of at Tarotholics.  I’ve never had so much positive social interaction with others as I have over the past year, which is really interesting considering how much of our time around the world has been stuck in-house and on lock-down.

This positive interaction isn’t about me, but rather about the community of others that I find myself in and the wonderful support that they offer to each other (and to me) every day.  It is truly breathtaking to me.

2. What would you like to praise yourself for?
Take the time to really get clear on the strengths you exhibited throughout the year and how you want to continue to grow them moving forward.

Ship – A large part of the past year has been on working on my self care, and a huge part of that process is in the relationship that I have with Gideon.  Although we live nearly 2400 miles (over 3810 km) away from each other, these efforts toward my self care and the time I’ve spent throughout the year with Gideon has only made our relationship that much stronger. His support has helped me in those self-care goals, and supported me through the year in all of my different endeavors, and I hope that I have done the same for him and that he feels the same… because I feel that we are stronger (and happier) than ever.

3. What would you like to let go of moving into 2021?
When you get really honest about what is holding you back, your future won't feel so heavy. This could be letting go of anything from a partnership, a project, an employee, to even a mindset. Look at what or who drains your energy most.

Scythe – Pissed off customers.  Ugh… even when I bend over backwards trying to satisfy them, sometimes you just get those customers that want to be not just pissed off, but also abusive. I wish I could say it didn’t hurt, but if I’m entirely honest?  It does.  It hurts when I can’t make someone happy, especially when it’s my job to make them happy.  Id like to leave dissatisfied customers in my dust as I move into 2021, but unfortunately you can’t please everyone all the time, so there’s sure to be some no matter how hard I try.

4. What did you love most about 2020?
Reflection isn't only dedicated to mistakes or regrets. Spend some time celebrating your biggest wins and the highest moments within your year. While 2020 was a hard year for most, perhaps your biggest win was recognizing the value of connection with others or the importance of your family. Find gratitude for what you have in order to create more positive moments moving towards the future.

Letter – This card is an echo of what is said in the first two questions of this spread.  It involves the connections that I’ve made with others.  The ability to write with Gideon every single day, to connect with people about like ideas and interests.  It’s in the writing… in the communication.  For me, all communication is writing, due to my mutism.  And it is in that communication and connection that I truly found a great deal of joy this year.

5. What would you want more of, or want to be different in 2021?
Review which aspects in your life you want more of, and then outline what changes would elevate your life in that area.

Clouds – When I started off the year last year, I went through a few months at the beginning of the year where I struggled with a fog of confusion and uncertainty.   This year is different, and I’m so thankful for that, but I still feel a hint of that fog this year once again.  Just not as severe or all encompassing.   Hopefully that means it will clear more quickly and not be so severe.

6. What would you need to feel complete closure in 2020?
In order to start the new year with a clean slate, pinpoint what unwanted doors are still opened and then shut them for good.

Dog – Quality time with Gideon.  I need to spend more time with him.  I need to sink into his presence and the security of his arms around me and the trust that I feel in him.  This is what has been lacking so far in the transition into the new year.  I keep being pulled away and so we haven’t had much time together yet… and I need it.  I can’t make the transition complete without that time together.

7. What’s next for you in the week ahead?
While it is very valuable to look at the big picture, there is also great treasure in being present and assessing your immediate needs. When you can look at life from a birds-eye view, it becomes easier to then zoom in and see what you need on a granular level. Tuck the larger vision of the year into your mind and begin to make daily decisions based on this overall landscape.

Key – Positive energy and success.  Everything I need to make this week a positive experience and a success is within my grasp. Make sure to lean into the optimism and use these tools not just to slide back into work with grace, but to defeat that small remnant of fog and send it packing.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – 7 Questions from

  1. I’m here for you, no matter what you need or how often you need it, man. Always. Anything that I can do to help you along, to make things easier for you or just to make you feel better and know that you are loved and appreciated. I’m here for that and for you.

    And I too am feeling a bit…adrift since the end of holiday rush(and during it all, but I largely tried to ignore that part) We just haven’t had all that much time to really lose ourselves in each other. So many other things, important things are pulling at you and that time for us just hasn’t hit yet. Hopefully soon, hm?

    As for those pissed off customers? Remember that you can’t please everyone all the time. It’s absolutely impossible. Even more so when you are trying to please everyone and hold onto your own integrity and moral compass. People often want something for nothing, they feel entitled to much more than they’ve earned or paid for and expect it NOW. This is why you can’t please everyone, yeah? So you do the best you can and that is just enough, my love. It’s enough.

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