What’s Been Missed?

IMG_4089Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and focused on holding space for others.   That is, spending time with others when they are struggling or in need, and just… being there.  Not trying to fix anything or even really trying to uplifting them, but sharing space with them so that they do not feel alone.

I admit, this is not one of my strong suits.  This isn’t to say I can’t do it, only that… I feel the need to fix things.  Deep inside, I feel the need to help by fixing or making better.  And this makes just sitting there and not actively trying to help extremely difficult for me, no matter how much I understand that that time and company, in and of itself, really is helping.

Maruco Animal Tarot - Ten of PentaclesToday’s draw is the Ten of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of completion and abundance as well as the “sharing of the wealth”of that abundance.

What really stands out to me in this card today is the puppy, which in the imagery here speaks to me about not forgetting the usually forgotten.   The invisible and the lost, yes?

Sometimes when we find ourselves in abundant circumstances and we begin “spreading the wealth” we forget those that might need it most but have a habit of slipping between the tracks.

Today’s card is a reminder to examine how my “wealth” is being dispersed and make sure I’m not allowing anything to “slip between the cracks”.


#TarotForGrowthMay Challenge Prompt
: What recent accomplishment do I need to take pride in?

Stella's Tarot

Reading Summary: My ability to better control the more dangerous aspects of my passions and drive  (the leopard jumping through the ring controlled by the queen of wands), and allowing a willingness to delve into (Eight of Wands) my emotions,  contentment, and balance (Ten of Cups) with helping others as my motivation (Six of Disks).

Take Away:  There are aspects of my passionate drive and entrepreneurial spark that are a danger to me. If left with free reign, they eat away at my self-care until I am so focused and obsessed on that driving passion that it becomes a detriment to my health and well being.  The accomplishment mentioned here in the cards that I need to take pride in is the fact that I have reigned in that drive to a level that allows me time for self care and the exploration of my emotions and other “good for me” areas of my life.  The last card is a mention of how I find the motivation for this.  I am no good to others, unless I’m taking care of myself.


#DiscordTarotholicsMay2020 Challenge Prompt
: What quality do I possess that others value most about me?

I Tarocchi Visconti Sforza PiccoloReading Summary:  I give the impression of being a mature, reasonable, and dependable person (King of Cups) with an optimistic and hopeful outlook towards the future (Temperance atop Ace of Discs) that’s a bit of a workaholic… or a lot of a workaholic (Ten of Wands).

Take Away:  Okay so yes, I caught my little slip there.  That whole “I give the impression of being” is not from the cards but from my own self doubt.

I am mature, reasonable, and dependable… I do try and be optimistic and hopeful about the future… and I am absolutely a workaholic.   The cards indicate that these qualities are some of the things that others value most about me. 


: What knowledge should I learn from this Global situation?

Tarot Mucha

Reading Summary: Sometimes you have to stick (Six of Swords Rx) around and do the best with what you have (Five of Cups). Practice gratitude and keep hope alive (The Star).

Take Away:  Sometimes when the shit hits the fan?  There’s no bailing out for greener pastures or a new start.   Sometimes there is no escape.   The “Global situation” (aka the Pandemic) has taught me that there are times when you just have to hunker down and wait it out, doing the best you can with what you have, and keeping hope alive for a brighter future while staying focused on counting your blessings.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What are my best qualities that I bring to a relationship?

Embroidered Forest Tarot

Genuineness (King of Swords) – I am… me.  I have no need to be anyone else, no desire to be anything else.  When I hide pieces of me from my partner, this feels wrong and uncomfortable. I am always honest and forthright in my communication as well, which keeps misunderstandings to a minimum even if it means I’m sometimes a bit too blunt. It’s better and easier to just be open and allow them to see the real me.  This way they know who I am and what’s coming where I am concerned and where they stand with me and I with them.

Nudges Towards Progress and Betterment (The Chariot) – This is not something I became aware of until Gideon, but I feel it is important to encourage the one I am with to be a better person.  This isn’t about controlling them, but about providing perspectives and opening up their view to different ideas and other, better paths that might improve their situation, outlook, or trajectory.

Emotional Support (Queen of Cups) – Although I am not adept at dealing with my own emotions, I am there for those I care about when it comes to theirs and trying to help them through times when they need a little extra emotional support.   I’m often very distant, but in these moments, I step forward without hesitation to offer what I can to give emotional support.



2 thoughts on “What’s Been Missed?

  1. The only one I can really see you allowing to “Slip between the cracks” is yourself. You have a habit of being generous to others but forgetting about yourself, hm?

    *Chuckles as you catch your little “slip up” that wasn’t a slip up at all but you being you*
    You are all those things, love, and more.

    And just for the record, you don’t even need to “encourage” people to be better versions of themselves. Just being around you, watching you and observing that beautiful soul of yours and that amazing moral compass is an encouragement to be better. To be someone that you can be proud of. And those misunderstandings and lack of communication do happen a little more often than I’d like, you are good at being genuinely you, no apologies necessary, and supportive.

    I love you, man. And goddamn I NEED time with you. Last night I didn’t see you at all and tonight it was just drive by glimpses as you worked all night on this post. Tomorrow I NEED you. I’m only gonna get the one night before you are busy again and I NEED it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loving your sharing…your thoughts and insights often parallel exactly with my own…that’s because we are all one…😀
    There is no separation…no time…it is all an illusion…

    Deepak Chopras 21 days of Abundance meditation course has allowed me to finally “get this” after 50 long years searching….

    I am sharing his wisdom as far and wide as possible because; my joy will only be fully complete once all of humanity has “enlightened”

    One love 💚💚💚


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