Path & Purpose Tarot Reading

Path & Purpose Tarot Reading with the Lorenzi Tarot

What would benefit me to focus on at this time?

The Hermit Rx – Keep in mind that there is no amount of alone time that is going to be healthy or helpful to you at this time. You need to turn your focus to outside yourself for the time being, and you can return to focusing on your own growth and self development at a later time when the pursuit is better suited to where you are.

What would benefit me to remove my focus from?

Death – Don’t worry so much about the changes taking place. Just roll with it. If you focus on it too strongly, you’ll become too rigid and end up stumbling over your own feet due to rising anxiety.  Just let things flow and ride it out.

Where is my current path headed?

The Fool Rx – Towards responsibility and ambition that is both grounded and well planned out. That is what the holiday season has become for you over the years since you began your business.  It’s what you need to focus on through those oh-so-important last couple months of the year.

Where is my ideal path headed?

Justice – Towards a better balance between grounded responsibility and the fun of lighthearted frivolity. You need the lighter parts to help lift up the harder, darker moments.

What can I do to close the variance between the two?

Page of Pentacles – Practice makes perfect, just don’t judge yourself harshly for it taking longer than you expect. You’ll get there eventually as long as you stay focused on seeking out that balance you want to achieve.

A skill or attribute to assist me.

Nine of Wands – Boundaries are your friend. It is through the use of boundaries that you can make better choices that can foster this balance you seek.


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