Party of One

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Divine Animal TarotToday’s draw is the Three of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of good times spent in the company of friends, celebrations, partying, and creativity based collaborations.

A badger looking were-person dancing under a full moon looks like a party to me. What stands out the greatest to me, though, is that the imagery of this card is a solitary figure instead of the group of three that usually represented on the Three of Cups.

What this says to me is that this card is a reminder that although fun with others is great, sometimes it’s just as good or even better when you get a chance to celebrate alone in your own ways, instead of following the crowd.


Mr Lionhart’s The Suits: Revisited #TheNovemberTarot Prompt
Questions for November 1st and 2nd

Crystal Tarot (trimmed naked)What major energy am I invited to work with this month?

The High Priestess – With sunflowers to lift the spirit and the mysterious moon at her feet, she sits calm and serine. Through secret knowledge and an awareness that goes beyond the physical or the moment, she rides out chaos with calm surety. Residing in this card is the energy of peace, calm, surety, knowledge and awareness.  These are energies that this month will give you ample opportunity to work with.

How can I best work with the energy available to me this month?

The Wheel of Fortune – The energy described above provides you with a sense of calm during times of chaos and transition, allowing you to react in a more collected manner to changes, undependability, and feelings of uncertainty.

DECK USED: CRYSTAL TAROT (trimmed naked)

#DiscordTarotholicsNov2022 Challenge Prompt
Topic for November 1st
: Do the All Saints Day Spread

Divine Animal Tarot and Celestial Animal OracleA message that your Ancestors would like to give you at this time.

Ox – Being bullheaded is a part of your nature Sometimes it is an asset, at other times a weakness. Choose your battles instead of plowing into each situation like a bull in a China shop.

A message your Ancestors have been trying to convey that you have not been receptive to in the past.

The Magician – You are far more capable than you give yourself credit for.

How to be more open to messages from your Ancestors in the future.

Aquarius – Allow emotions to play more of a part in your life and communication with them. They speak through the voice of your intuition, which is always more sensitive when you let emotions flow smoothly instead of trying to block them off or box them up.

How to honor and connect more strongly with your Ancestors going forward.

Horse – Strength can be just as powerful in stillness as in motion. Use moments of stillness to build your connection with your ancestors.


Daily Self Kindness

I let J drive when I got tired instead of being stubborn and trying to ‘tough it out’.

Beyond the Veil Lenormand Reading

Beyond the Veil Lenormand Reading with the Simply Halloween Lenormand

How can I best honor my ancestors and those that have come before me?

Letter and Cross – Communicate with them. Visit their resting places and spent time getting to know them. Not now when the veil is thin, but throughout the year.

What message(s) do my ancestors have for me?

Lady and Key – Spend time with those that remain (your mother), for she holds the key to all that has come before. If you want to learn about the past and history of your family, this is where you will find answers.

How can I best honor the spirits who guide and support me?

Birds and Moon – Again, communication is key. Hang out and chat with them so that they can become familiar voices in your life. Remember that not all of the spirits who guide and support you are ancestors.

What message(s) do the spirits have for me?

Heart and Bouquet – “We love you and only want good things for you.”