Rejecting the Well Tread Path

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Dark Exact Tarot Aetheric EditionToday’s draw is the Devil card, which is traditionally a representation of temptation, harmful excesses, addiction, and self-harm.

The imagery here in this card speaks to me personally, and to my personal situation at this time in my life.  I crave more time outside in the woods among the trees. I crave elevation and the embrace of the autumn forest with its dripping moss and raindrops and the scent of decaying detritus.  And yet?  I am trapped inside due to an injured ankle.

I could go.  I really could.  But it would not be healthy, or smart, of me to do so… and would in the end cause more harm than good.  And so… I resist as I sit with longing and wish I was healthy, hearty, and hale… and able to visit the forests I crave and that are usually so healthy for me to visit.

The message in today’s card is about what is healthy for you, and what isn’t.  What temptations, even familiar ones that may often be the best thing for you, are you tempted to participate in even though at this time they are not healthy for you at all? This card encourages us to catch ourselves before we set down these harmful paths.


#DiscordTarotholicsNov2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 3rd

A Kindly World Card GamesWish for the FuturePlace and Teacher – More time for… and a dedicated safe place where you can teach what you know to others. When you have the time, you’re without a place… when you have the place, you always seem to have no time.

Next Step in Getting ThereMusic and Play – It’s okay to be spontaneous. Not everything needs to be planned out in advance and on a schedule. Remember that when you add fun and play into the mix, everything holds more value.

The Home of My HopePlace and House – Your hope resides wherever you are. It travels with you when you travel, and settles with you at home when you are there.


Mr Lionhart’s The Suits: Revisited #TheNovemberTarot Prompt
Questions for November 3rd and 4th

Dark Exact Tarot Aetheric EditionMajor Arcana – What can help me make the most of this week?

Wheel of Fortune and Four of Swords – Get all the rest that you can while you can. This is the last week before the holiday rush begins. Take advantage of the time off this week to rest up.

Suit of Wands – What am I invited to create for myself (or for those around me)?

Ace of Wands and Three of Cups – Give yourself and others permission to cut loose and have some fun this week. It will rekindle the creative spark needed for what lies ahead.


Daily Self Kindness

I got help from J in putting the new bed together today.  It still took over eight hours to complete… but it’s done now and so comfortable. No more elbows or knees slamming into me in the night, and plenty of room for Miss Luna as well.