Respecting Traditions and Inclusion

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Broken Mirror Tarot 5th Edition Green BoxToday’s draw is the Hierophant card, which is traditionally a representation of tradition, spiritual guidance, long standing institutions, teachers and guides, and themes that deal with conformity and social norms.

This card makes me think of Christmas. It could be all the red and the pale blue hues that look like snow and ice.  It brings to mind social expectations.  For example… I am Pagan, and I celebrate the eight holidays on the “wheel of the year” rather than traditional Christian holidays. But– I also take part in a number of Christmas traditions.

I have family and friends that are Christian, and I enjoy taking part in their traditions, and being included in these traditions.  No… I don’t go to church, and none of them would expect me to. Yet they do expect me to be at Christmas dinner, to spend time with them over the Christmas season (or rather, just after it due to my holiday rush) and in the case of a few people in my life, do greeting card and/or gift exchanges.

I am fine with all of this, because it is all important to them, and because I enjoy being included.  Today’s card is a reminder that it’s okay to enjoy being included… and to enjoy others traditions! As long as it comes from a respectful place and you’re welcome by others to participate, that’s what matters.


@The.Journey.Well ‘s Friendship & Community Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 9th and 10th

Become An Oracle DeckWhat energy turns you off to friendships?

Toxic “high vibration” (Archangel Christiel) know-it-all bullshit (Archangel Jophiel), and proselytization (The Seraphims).

You are fine with others having their own beliefs and are an advocate for finding the spiritual path that’s the right fit for each individual… but you don’t appreciate when it turns someone into a toxic thinker, makes them act as if they feel they are better than others, or they begin trying to push their believes upon you and your path.

How can meeting new people help you?

It can introduce into your life more trust and unconditional love in your life (Hathor). To invite these things in, though, requires opening yourself up to vulnerability and possible disappointments (Open the Gates).


#DiscordTarotholicsNov2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for November 10th: Think of a problem that needs solving and pull cards in relation to…
Problem: Sustaining healthy energy levels through the holiday rush.

Broken Mirror Tarot 5th Edition Green BoxWhere To BeginThe Fool – Enthusiasm is your friend! Jump out the gate with eagerness and try to have some fun.

What Half Way Looks LikeQueen of Swords – Get a little cut-throat to make sure everything moves forward as planned.

How to End ThingsWheel of Fortune atop Six of Swords Rx – There will be a lot of ups and downs along the path that gets you to this point. Just make sure you are sticking it out til the very end.

Long Term RamificationsPage of Swords – More lessons learned to foster further future ambitions. Each year you learn new skills and methods that you then carry forward to make the next year go just a little bit smoother.


Daily Self Kindness

I called all hands on deck to help get the 102 orders that needed to be finished done and ready to go.  We even managed to finish earlier than expected as a result.

Path & Purpose Tarot Reading

Path & Purpose Tarot Reading with the Lorenzi Tarot

What would benefit me to focus on at this time?

The Hermit Rx – Keep in mind that there is no amount of alone time that is going to be healthy or helpful to you at this time. You need to turn your focus to outside yourself for the time being, and you can return to focusing on your own growth and self development at a later time when the pursuit is better suited to where you are.

What would benefit me to remove my focus from?

Death – Don’t worry so much about the changes taking place. Just roll with it. If you focus on it too strongly, you’ll become too rigid and end up stumbling over your own feet due to rising anxiety.  Just let things flow and ride it out.

Where is my current path headed?

The Fool Rx – Towards responsibility and ambition that is both grounded and well planned out. That is what the holiday season has become for you over the years since you began your business.  It’s what you need to focus on through those oh-so-important last couple months of the year.

Where is my ideal path headed?

Justice – Towards a better balance between grounded responsibility and the fun of lighthearted frivolity. You need the lighter parts to help lift up the harder, darker moments.

What can I do to close the variance between the two?

Page of Pentacles – Practice makes perfect, just don’t judge yourself harshly for it taking longer than you expect. You’ll get there eventually as long as you stay focused on seeking out that balance you want to achieve.

A skill or attribute to assist me.

Nine of Wands – Boundaries are your friend. It is through the use of boundaries that you can make better choices that can foster this balance you seek.