Unconventional Strength

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Jupiter's Eye TarotToday’s draw is the Eight of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of withdrawal, abandonment, or letting go of things, situations, or people in your life that are just not working out for you emotionally.

For me, this can often be the “fuck this shit, I quit” card that comes when I’ve reached the end of my rope with something or someone.

Today’s card is a reminder that sometimes the very best thing you can do for yourself is to walk away. There are times when it’s a show of more strength to walk away and let something go, than to stand and fight.


Mr Lionhart’s The Suits: Revisited #TheNovemberTarot Prompt
Questions for November 9th and 10th

So Long Marianne TarotMajor Arcana – What have I learned from the Suit of Wands through this month’s challenge?

The Lovers and The Fool – Sometimes the best and healthiest choices you can make for yourself are the ones that actually feel the least responsible. Things like fun and rest are both important to your well-being, as is asking for help.

Major Arcana – What can support me throughout the week ahead?

Death and The Hierophant – Take what you have learned from the past and from others, and use it to help you ride out the expected changes this week will bring. That “holiday rush transition” has arrived.


#DiscordTarotholicsNov2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for November 9th
: What harsh truths does humanity prefer to ignore?

Jupiter's Eye TarotTruthFive of Cups Rx – Depression is an actual illness and not a choice, nor something that can just be “set aside” because you want to. It more often than not requires medical treatment and monitoring.

TruthTen of Swords – Pain is a form of growth, and necessary. People spend a huge amount of time avoiding pain. In doing so, they are simultaneously avoiding personal growth.

TruthSeven of Swords – Bad things happen not just to good people, but also bad ones. Sometimes what is defined as “bad things” is all about perspective, and completely subjective.


Daily Self Kindness

I did periodic breathing exercises throughout the day today to help keep my anxiety and jitters under control so they wouldn’t grow out of proportion while I worked on catching up on orders.

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