Aquarius Season Lenormand Reading

Aquarius Season Lenormand Reading - Mythical Folklore Lenormand

What needs innovating.

Snake and Crossroads – Escapism is not the answer to anything. When you fall into times of excess sleep, screwing around with games on your phone, and spacing out for no reason… what are you trying to run away from?  What are you hiding from?  It’s time to take a look at these habits and look at finding not only what’s spurring them on, but ways to turn those tendencies around so that they do not become unhealthy habits (as they have done in the past).

Where to be self-reliant.

Stars and Bouquet – You make beautiful and inspired jewelry. You take breathtaking, eye catching photos. You create beauty out of nothing and share it with the world in so many ways. Be confident in your creativity, in your skills, and in the belief that they are not just worthy of admiration but that others will truly love what you create and share with the world.

Where to think outside the box.

Tree and Clover – You need to look at the things you are doing to sustain and improve your health, and begin looking at them in a different way. This isn’t about changing what you’re doing, but it’s about not seeing them as chores or inconveniences. It’s about turning a more positive outlook to these things so that they become joys instead of something to slog your way through.

Where I could use some positive reinforcement.

Letter, Mountains, Stork – Change is not easy and when you are set on making changes and end up with news news landing in your lap that lead to roadblocks? It can be extremely hard to see past those moments to stay motivate for that change that you’re striving for.   Remember that setbacks doesn’t mean a dead end.


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