Wallow a Moment in Gratitude

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Arcane Creatures Oracle of Ancient BeastsToday’s draw is the lucky pig king Arkan Sonney, representing good fortune.

The message here is in the delicate swirls and warm colors, and in the sweet smile on that little king’s mouth.

This card is a reminder as you work to appreciate the fact that you choose what you do for a living.  You enjoy what you do for a living.  You create… manifesting ideas into reality, pulling beauty out of the ether and into the world for others to cherish and enjoy.

You have the good fortune to be able to do what you love… to share your passions with others… and to use that manifestation magic within  you to uplift those around you and improve their lives.  Remember to look at and recognize just how very lucky you truly are.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for January 24th & 25th

Arcane Creatures Oracle of Ancient BeastsWhat does your inner child crave that you’ve been ignoring?

The Swamp Oracle and Ancient Storm Coatl – You always push yourself to do everything on your own, when instead it would be better to seek out advice and get help.

Seeking advice and help in order to resolve a problem or complete a project does not make you weak. Instead, it gives you strength that can be carried forward into the future.

What concession can you make to provide for this inner child’s craving?

Ancient Reef Dragon and Elder Batcat – Realize that your life is not solitary. Even as unsocial as you are, your life is a community of connections and combined strengths. Be aware of those times when you need those strengths that you don’t personally possess, but your community does. This way, instead of putting unrealistic expectations on yourself, you can accomplish what needs done better, easier, and quicker by employing their strengths to your cause.


Daily Self Kindness

I woke up L to come help me package so that I could go to bed before 4am.