Spirituality vs Going Through the Motions

Today’s meditation was skipped, although I did take a few minutes to pause and do my piriformis stretches.  I suppose it could be considered meditation, but it didn’t really feel like it.

Le Psycho-Tarot (aka Tarot Psychologique)Today’s draw is the Temperance card, which is traditionally a representation of moderation, spirituality, and our connection with the world around us and the spiritual world beyond us.

The imagery in this card speaks of a need for caution when one leans into organized religion, and the need to connect to our spirituality outside of that rigidly walled box.

Sermons are empty if there is no spiritual connection. Spellwork is empty without a spiritual connection. Prayer is empty without any spiritual connection.  It is important to remember why you believe what you believe and to nourish and grow that connection you have with those beliefs.   That is what today’s card is about.  It’s a reminder to help your spirituality flourish instead of discounting it as something “other” and apart.  It is a part of you, and it is threaded throughout your being and your existence.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheJanuaryTarot Wheel of 22 Challenge Prompt
Question for January 26th
: What can I do that can make a big (positive) difference for me this year?

Tailors Storytelling Game CardsReading Summary: Take a pause (Lost in Thought) to consult with your guides and intuition (Guide) in order to suss out the liars and lies (Successfully Lie) that could be destructive in your life (Destruction).

Take Away: Some people can take others at face value, and not seek the true person that hides behind the mask.  You are not one of these people.  Don’t try to be.

The information you seek from others as you get to know them is important, and so too is your inner “lie detector” (whether this is your spirit guides, your intuition, or possibly both).  Make sure you are listening to what it has to say and the warnings it has to offer.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for January 27th
: What is a negative thing in your life that you don’t need to stress over?

Le Psycho-Tarot (aka Tarot Psychologique)You have been seeking emotional growth (Page of Cups) for quite some time, leaning into it and seeking out others to help guide you in this (Queen of Wands).  There have been times during this process that this growth gets in the way of your work (Ten of Cups Rx).  At these times, you’ve freaked out, and thus stalled out on your growth as you worry about your work and your business (Eight of Pentacles).

This isn’t something you have to worry about.  You can do both.  When your emotional growth gets in the way of work, it’s important to remember that work will still be there even if you need to step away for a moment to deal with whatever else is going on.


Daily Self Kindness

I took a nap.  Even though it’s an orders day, I laid down for an hour when I started to feel really soupy and off-center.

Let’s Get Real Tarot Reading

Let's Get Real Tarot Reading - The Crooked Cat Tarot

What are you ignoring?

Five of Cups and Strength – Pessimism does not give you strength, optimism does. Pessimism will break you down overtime, as it has done in the past. Leaning into optimism, on the other hand, will lift you up and make you stronger. The last couple of days you’ve been struggling with leaning into that optimistic mindset. Don’t ignore the creeping niggle of negativity. It’s not going to go away just because you pretend it’s not there.

Why are you hiding from this truth?

Four of Cups and Four of Swords – You find stability and comfort and what is familiar. That pessimism feels like a safe and comfortable resting place, even as it’s unhealthy and hurts you.

What resource have you not fully tapped into that could help in this area?

Eight of Swords and The Star – Open your eyes and see more clearly the potential a more hopeful and positive outlook could give you, instead of hiding behind your fear that being hopeful and positive will turn around on you and bite you in the ass.

How can you overcome this blockage?

Seven of Swords and Knight of Swords – Stay aware of what this pessimism and negativity are stealing from you, and proactive in your pursuit of something better.