Carefree Moments Allowed

Today’s meditation was

Ask the Witch TarotToday’s draw is The Fool, which is traditionally a representation of new beginnings, naivety, an adventurous perspective, and not looking before you leap.

The Fool in this card… is a mess. They go about their way with great enthusiasm and a good dose of obliviousness, with a missing shoe, tattered clothes, and their eyes firmly closed. Ignorance is bliss, and like a drunkard can fall without getting hurt…. so too can the oblivious fool pull through unscathed. Well, at least most of the time.

The card here is a reminder to have fun and not worry quite so much about sequences when doing so. As a recent reading can contest, I have a hard time throwing caution to the wind and letting my inner child free to frolic and explore.  Today’s card is a reminder that it’s okay to play and there is a certain amount of protection that comes in the joy and enjoyment you can find in these type of blissful moments and pursuits.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2022 Challenge Prompt
: Pull your most favorite and least favorite cards from your deck, and explain why you feel that way.

Rider Wait Tarot - The Hanged Man and TemperanceMost FavoriteThe Hanged Man – I connect strongly with the Hanged Man and always have. When I was ten years old, a family friend did a 78-card life-path reading for me, and the Hanged Man turned up as the significator card (not chosen, but drawn) at the center of that reading. When she did the reading again ten years later, it did so again, and then a third time yet again when she did the reading for me when I turned thirty. Clearly, this is my card, and although when I was younger I wasn’t always thrilled about it, I’ve come to develop a deep connection with it.

The Hanged Man is a reminder that no matter what trials in life may come my way, there is always something to be gained… some boon to be found. Even if I have to sit with it a while to find its value. It reminds me to pause and look at things from more than my own perspective, and to strive for a more rounded view of the world and those in it.

Least Favorite Temperance – A huge majority of the time that Temperance shows up in a reading for me? It’s telling me that I need more moderation in my life. I have an addictive tendency and am proof something does -not- need to be a narcotic to become addictive. Anything (yes, absolutely anything) that feels good in one way or another can become addictive.

Temperance shows up to help remind me to stay on the straight and narrow and not fall into the traps of addiction. This can often be a huge struggle of constant diligence for me, and and there are times when Temperance can begin to feel like the nag that is constantly reminding me to do better and more diligent in this area. (Not to mention there to kick me in the ass when I slip up).


GroundedInMagic’s #Lovers2022TarotChallenge Challenge Prompt
: What beliefs or values will I fiercely defend?

Ask the Witch TarotSo… I have to precursor this by saying that there are a -lot- of beliefs and values I will fiercely defend.  I could have pulled two values… four… eight… even more, and had plenty to share.  I chose to pull for two.

Page of Wands and The Fool – The creative spark. Look how the Fool leaps towards the Page of Wands.  All bright energy and enthusiasm, blind trust and eagerness. This is about enthusiasm, and personal inspiration.  It’s about having the freedom to go after one’s interests.  It’s about learning new things, exploring, and finding excitement in the pursuit of what makes you light up on the inside.

The Hermit – Independence… and the importance of knowing oneself, and being honest with oneself. I am fiercely independent.  Even as Gideon’s submissive, I have boundaries in place that protect and defend that independence.

I am also a fierce advocate of being honest with oneself.  Knowing yourself is important, for unless you are willing to look at yourself with truth and honesty, see the bad parts of yourself and accept them… how can you grow?  It is only through acknowledging when someone is wrong that you can then work on it and improve… and become better than you are in the present.


Daily Self Kindness

I had chocolate truffles from Fran’s Chocolates.  So good.