Don’t Forget Your Pants

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Vikings TarotToday’s draw is the Seven of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of sneaky shit, betrayal and deception, getting away with something (not always a bad thing, that one), and strategy used to advance one’s own priorities (often at the expense of others).

Look at that. That dumbass managed to leave his pants behind in the process of stealing all those swords.  Smooth, right?

There’s a warning here. When at the post office today, make sure you double check that you don’t leave anything behind.  Same with when you visit the customs office.  Double check you still “have your pants”, so to speak. Leaving anything behind could end up with detrimental repercussions, just like this guy on the card wandering around pants-less in the snow is going to have repercussions.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheJanuaryTarot Wheel of 22 Challenge Prompt
Questions for January 7th – 9th

Vikings TarotGoal / Intention from Yesterday: More motivation to “win” at the things you put your mind to, balanced with bonding and good times with those that matter.

Draw a card for the goal / intention set yesterday to learn how you can set your plans in motion.

Three of Cups – Begin with family and friends. Recognize and acknowledge that they are most important. All the success in the world doesn’t matter if you have no one to share it with and enjoy it with.

Draw a card for this goal / intention to see what pursuing your plans may lead to.

Knight of Swords – More energy and focus to put towards your ambitions. It seems counter productive that you would focus on family and friends, but in doing so is uplifting, and that feeds into your motivation.

What should I be aware of about this 2022 intention?

Knight of Pentacles – You’re going to need to stay focused on where you want to go with it, because it’s going to take some time to get there (not to mention, get that balance “right” in the first place). Slow and steady wins the “race”. Take your time, just keep moving.


Daily Self Kindness

I am still playing catch up, and I can’t remember what I might have done as a self kindness for today.

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