Move Your Ass

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Darkness of Light Tarot 4th EditionToday’s draw is the Eight of Blades, which is traditionally a representation of ignoring the obvious, having a victim mentality, feeling trapped, and encountering self-imposed restrictions.

I heard the message these cards convey to me when I pulled this card.  it whispered in my ear.

“Don’t turn a blind eye to your current situation.”

The thing is?  I don’t wanna work today.  I just don’t.  But I have a crapload of orders that have to go out on Friday.  That gives me today and tomorrow to get them done and packaged. So as much as I want to burrow my head into the pillow and hide from the world today?  That’s not what I’m going to do… no mater how much I want to.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2022 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
: Is it always better to have more choices?

True Black TarotReading Summary: Not always. Sometimes when there is too much freedom to weigh options and strategize (King of Swords) instead of acting immediately (King of Pentacles positioned in the past), you end up losing out in the end (Five of Coins positioned in the future).

Take Away: Sometimes having more choices doesn’t provide freedom, but creates hesitation.  This is a problem because the opportunities presented in those choices can then pass you by while you’re busy trying to make a decision in the first place.  Then you’re left with nothing.


GroundedInMagic’s #Lovers2022TarotChallenge Challenge Prompt
Questions for January 5th

Darkness of Light Tarot 4th EditionHow do I receive love?
The Chariot and Five of Wands

You either seize it quickly, or you fight against it. You have a habit of guarding your heart in both cases, forcing others to work to get through your defenses before they can offer you love and you’re willing to receive it.

Is receiving love easy or difficult for me?
Seven of Blades and Three of Cups Rx

For you, receiving love is something that takes thought and effort. It’s not easy and carefree.


Daily Self Kindness

I am still playing catch up, and I can’t remember what I might have done as a self kindness for today.

One thought on “Move Your Ass

  1. You got through it babe, and you’re doing fine.

    Just breathe and remember that while it’s not HORRIBLE(as far as I’m aware, at least) you are still in drop and things are going to feel a little sensitive for a few days. It’s okay, baby. I promise

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