The Time and Place

Today’s meditation was skipped because it felt really good in bed in the “afterglow” of the pain med I took before going to sleep.  Usually when I wake up I’m in so much pain that it’s a relief to get out of the bed.  It was nice to feel so comfortable that I could snuggle in and enjoy it for a little longer.

Abstract Art TarotToday’s draw is the Temperance card, which is traditionally a representation of moderation, balance, and the qualities of patience and moderation.  It can often contain within it elements of the divine, and in the connection we hold with the divine and with the world around us.

The imagery in this card speaks to me of moderation… having a place and time.  It’s like anything else, and there is a time and place for it’s use… and a time and place where it’s use is not going to get you what you want.  I see that in the single paintball shot to the heart.  The angel wears kevlar and there’s no way a shot to the heart would succeed.  A double tap.  A triple?  That wouldn’t work either.  At least not when aiming at the heart.

Like that shot, moderation is only effective if used properly.  Otherwise? It’s just the birth of stagnation.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2022 Challenge Prompt
: What do you need to focus on for self-care during this new moon?

Bonefire TarotThe World atop The Devil – Make sure that you’re looking at the big picture and where you want to go when confronted with the temptations of your addiction. What’s the point in giving into those temptations if it’s not furthering you in the direction you want to go in and getting you closer to the end goal?

Knight of Wands atop King of Cups – Dive into time with Gideon and let it sweep you away. Tangle yourself up in in the things that you enjoy together.

Nine of Cups – Don’t allow restlessness and discontent to sneak in and poison the waters right now.  Look at all you have and have accomplished.  You’re allowed to feel happy about these things.


GroundedInMagic’s #Lovers2022TarotChallenge Challenge Prompt
: What does love mean to me?

Abstract Art TarotReading Summary: Happiness at home (4 of Brushes) is where long-standing trust is built over time (7 of Stencils), then of course there’s always the connection between you and the one that you love (2 of Buckets) and the support and dominance that he offers (Papa of Buckets).

Take Away: This is different depending on where it comes from, but in both the scenarios mentioned above, the prevailing theme is trust.  Trust that my emotions are accepted and cherished.  Trust that they won’t be used against me, but will be used instead to build something strong and secure between me and those I love.


Daily Self Kindness

Today, for my readings, I used the decks that Gideon surprised me with for Christmas.  It made me feel happy to have him with me in this part of my life, just as he is integrated in so much of the rest of my life as well.

One thought on “The Time and Place

  1. Okay not going to lie… this entire post left me grinning. From the skipped meditation to snuggle warm and cozy into bed to rest a little longer to the advice to dive in and lose yourself with me….*Grins* Papa of Buckets loves you man. And i love that using decks I got for you makes you happy and makes you think of me then.

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