Transitioning from December to January

Fungjai Tarot

Here and Now I Exist – Who you are now, in your entirety.

The High Priestess – You are in the process of reconnecting with your intuition and hidden knowledge.  For the past month, you’ve had to shut everything out and close everything down.  Now, as the month shifts from the holidays into the new year, those closed off parts of you are being welcomed back and opened up once more.

The Slough – What is to be left in the past as you move forward.

Princess of Cups atop Seven of Pentacles – This time around, don’t focus so much on the emotional growth itself. It will continue to develop on its own in the background as you focus on other peripheral tasks and issues.

What Lies Ahead – An ideal state or ideal self you are seeking at this time.

Five of Cups – Less disappointment in yourself and your life is what you are seeking at this time. There was a great deal of that going on prior to the holiday rush, and it isn’t something you want to return to now that you are surfacing again into the world once more.

Limitations – Negative influences, opposition, or ill will.

The Star – Watch out for false hope. Pretending everything is fine when it’s not helps no one and can be detrimental.

The Boon – Positive influences, higher guidance, or divine intervention.

The Magician – There’s a lot to be said for being prepared and having a few tricks up your sleeve to turn things in the direction you want them to go.  Don’t discount these factors, as they are a boon that is useful and can help you in finding a greater sense of satisfaction in life.

The Wound – An unpleasant past experience or event that is ripe for some support and healing.

Two of Cups atop Nothing – The pain of losing the belief in your mother’s love. This wound has been festering quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) in the background for some time.  This month you discovered just what that motherly love is like and that you are deserving of it, and it’s given you the ability to begin the healing process of these past wounds.

Nostalgia – A positive past experience or event to acknowledge, reflect upon, and enjoy.

The Moon – Being in the dark isn’t always a bad thing. Night hikes are amazing, even when you can’t see where you’re going.  Sometimes not knowing really is the better option and can allow you to move forward when otherwise, with all the information before you, you would be frozen and unable to move.

A Warning – Something coming that can be prevented or overcome.

Queen of Swords – Backlash for the recent visit is coming.

Empowerment – A future opportunity to work toward.

The Hierophant – It’s time to reach out to ancestors, spirit guides, and (yes, even) Amalthea. Reach out, connect, listen, and learn.

Message from the Spirit World – You have all of the knowledge and tools needed to connect with the spirit world, and to benefit from the skills and knowledge being offered to you.

Message from the Mind’s World – Your growth is about more than just emotional intelligence. As that expands, so too does your intuition. Don’t place one over the other.

Message from the Physical World – Do not allow insecurities to keep you from connecting with others. That is how people end up old and alone.


One thought on “Transitioning from December to January

  1. I know that your mother’s rude, selfish behavior hurt you alot recently hut I am so glad that you had that time with Ms B. You needed that energy in your life
    And you can handle whatever backlash or tantrums your mother decides to throw.

    You are in the right and she was wrong. She is responsible for her actions and words. No one else. Dont forget that love

    Liked by 1 person

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