Focus On The Present

Today’s meditation was skipped (again) because today was my driving day, which means that after my shift at the farm I immediately hit the road to drive for about six hours.

Connolly Tarot and Less Anxiety Affirmation TarotToday’s draw is the Chariot card, which is traditionally a representation of willpower and drive set to a purpose, action, and direction.  It’s about seizing control over one’s actions, fate, and destiny.

Today’s cards are calling me out.

The thing is?  I am constantly trying to look ahead, constantly planning, scheming, strategizing, and directing how I want things to go. This control is habitual and some of it has to do with fear of losing control and things going off the rails.  The presence of the Chariot here is a reference to those tendencies.

Combined with the affirmation card for today, the message here is that I need to stop spending so much time trying to control the future, when it’s the present that really matters.


CoffeexTarot’s Self Love For The Summer Prompt
: What gives me clarity?

Secrets of the Mystic Grove OracleReading Summary: Being able to step outside my own perspectives and see things through the eyes of others (Seeing Differently), combined with my ability to ground myself through the earth and find comfort and peace in this process (Rhythms), allows me to see my fears and anxieties in a different light and give me a level of clarity and calm concerning things I would otherwise be blind to (Trust).

Take Away:  Sometimes fears make it impossible for us to see anything besides what we fear the most.  Anxiety narrows our focus and forces us into tunnel vision on those things that trigger us.  These cards indicate that during these times, I have the added benefit of being able to connect with the earth for calm and step out of myself to find perspective, and in doing so, I am able to find more clarity than I would be able to otherwise.


#DiscordTarotolicsJun2021 Challenge Prompt
: About dreams…
Question: how can I get a more restful sleep with less dreams getting in the way of that?

Connolly TarotReading Summary: If you didn’t worry so much and struggle so much (Five of Pentacles) with the new changes taking place (Ace of Cups), then you wouldn’t have so many dreams that involve imbalance and unresolved endings (Two of Pentacles).

Take Away: It’s the balance being askew and a lack of resolution in my dreams that makes me feel so unrested when I wake up. Issues with scarcity, combined with my worries over staying on this new path of self love and emotional growth, are spurring on the dreams in which I’m never quite able to find balance or resolution.


Daily Self Kindness

I had a really nice evening with Gideon, both sharing my haul from the post office as well as in beginning a bit of a date night in play.

One thought on “Focus On The Present

  1. You know, I love that we do “date nights” in play. I know it might be kinda sappy, especially as we could be fighting bad guys or any other exciting adventure, but sometimes just…taking you out on a romantic and fun date is really, really nice.

    I love you so much.

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